Three die in Harare after drinking fake smuggled Jameson whiskey



Cheap knock-off whiskey brands which have become a hit with among many imbibers in Harare, Zimbabwe are reported to have recently claimed three lives. 

This comes after earlier reports published by iHarare that warned people that the fake brands which have flooded the Zimbabwe market could cause infertility as well as damage to the liver and brain.

Also on market fake Red Label

Investigations conducted by online publication Zimmorningpost have revealed that at least 3 people have died from suspected alcohol poisoning after consuming the counterfeit whiskey. 

The whiskies, which are being smuggled from Mozambique and Zambia, include popular brands such as Johnnie Walker’s Red Label, Jameson, Grants and Best brands.

Jameson  Irish Whiskey Original, which goes for about US$28.99 in a supermarket, is sold on the Zimbabwean black market for close to half  its value, ranging from US $15-20.

According to a source who spoke to the publication on condition of anonymity, one of the unfortunate victims died soon after leaving Pabloz night club.

“We are not sure where they bought the beverages but one of the victims collapsed after departing Pabloz,” said the source.

Reports filtering into social media also confirmed that three people allegedly died after drinking fake Jameson Whiskey.

Social media personality and entrepreneur Kuda Musasiwa also recently took to the microblogging site, Twitter, and warned revellers against the knock-off hooch which is being passed off as the real deal.

“If u paid less than $21.47 USD for a bottle of Jameson 750ml then it’s not Jameson you are drinking because even on Boxing Day cut price special, the worlds biggest supermarket, Walmart, can’t sell it for less. Avoid fake booze,” said the Twitter warning.