TEVETA applauds MRF-UK and Issa Foundation for empowering informal business sector through vocational training

* As 106 youths graduate at Maone Vocational Training Centre in Chiradzulu funded by MRF-UK and Issa Foundation

* Last year 95 completed their training, making a total of 201 beneficiaries within a period of two years

* This years cohort had 45 women trained in tailoring skills; 30 youths in bricklaying and 31 youths in carpentry & joinery

By Duncan Mlanjira

The Technical Entrepreneurial Vocational Education & Training Authority (TEVETA), the country’s vocational training regulator, has soundly praised efforts of Malawi Relief Fund (MRF-UK) and Issa Foundation for their role in combating poverty and supporting Malawi government’s initiatives.


TEVETA Board chairperson, Pyoka Tembo said this at Maone Vocational Training Centre in Chiradzulu for the graduation of 106 students who successfully completed a six-month informal training program in bricklaying, carpentry & joinery and plumbing.

Tembo emphasized the vital need to empower the informal business sector through vocational training, enabling them to secure sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families.

This is Maone Vocational Training Centre’s graduation as 95 completed their training last year, making a total of 201 beneficiaries within a period of two years with an emphasis of considering women participation.

This years cohort had 45 women trained in tailoring skills; 30 youths in bricklaying and a further 31 youths in carpentry & joinery — all studying  in different centers of Chotokwa, Chapola and Sadik.

Tembo noted that this initiative would complement opportunities for those who were not selected into formal higher education institutions.

Maone Vocational Training Center is sponsored by MRF-UK center and the training programme is for free — that also goes together with provision of a starterpack tool kit upon completion of the trade — which aims to equip youths with practical skills for economic independence.

On his part, MRF-UK country coordinator, Yakub Adam Valli said the charitable organisation is complementing MW2063’s Enabler 5 on Human Capital Development through formal and informal provision of skills training.

“MRF-UK believes that for MW2063 Enabler 5 to be achieved, it will require citizens to be highly knowledgeable with relevant quality education that incorporates a strong element of academic excellence and technical and vocational skills fit for labour market.

“Development planning documents by the Malawi government namely Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030 and Agenda 2063 can not be fully implemented without vocational skills training for the youth and women empowerment programs.”

Valli took cognizance that in a globalised world, “we must prepare our candidates to compete on national, regional and international stage, hence working hand in hand with the regulatory authority TEVETA, which guides our system and learners to achieve the best”.

Turning to the graduands, he encouraged them their success will benefit them and their families not just at household level but the community at large as well as the industry they represent.

“It may also not just benefit the entire district of Chiradzulu but it will contribute to national development and this trend will one day see Malawi contributing globally.

“We live in a global village beset by economic tension and global inequalities and fiscal tensions and by having more people with technical certificates will not solve those problems on its own, but it will support the economic opportunities that will raise people’s standards of living in Chiradzulu District.

“It will also create the understanding and tolerance that is one of the basis of a harmonious and more equal and just world in which we will all want to live.”


He reminded the graduands that what they have been imparted with is not just a fulfillment of an ambitions, but it’s lifetime education that has equipped them to be thoughtful and reflective.

“You are all leaving today with certificates from Maone Technical College satellite centres; you are superbly prepared to join the industry as you are embarking on your career and you have exciting future ahead of you and because of your good reputation you will have more doors opened for you.

“But I hope that you will also carry with you the responsibility of uplifting others and ensure that you use your skills and knowledge and understanding your capacity for critical analysis not only to enhance your own desires but help to make the world a better place to live.

“Your knowledge has been a hard one and you should be proud of it, my call to all of you graduating today is that, you use that knowledge well. Your journey to this point has been far from easy, I know that some of you had to sacrifice a lot in order to achieve this success and am full of admiration.”

Valli pledged that MRF-UK will continue supporting the MW2063 Enabler 5 through training and vocational skills training regardless of the economic crunch by announcing plans to establish additional vocational training centers in Salima, Zomba, Machinga and Mangochi.