Super League coaches urged to embrace modern coaching technology

Maravi Express

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) president Walter Nyamilandu says the game has evolved a lot and the use of technolgy in analysing team perfomance and opponents is the game changer in modern football.

Nyamilandu said this on Monday when he officially opened a two-day refresher course for Super League and senior national team coaches at Mpira Village in Bantyre where he urged elite league coaches to embrace the use of technology in their coaching as one way of improving the game in Malawi.

Fam president Walter Nyamilandu stressing a
point at the opening ceremony

“We are living in a digital world where things are changing every day and this includes the game of football,” Nyamilandu said.

“We want our coaches to adapt to the change by starting to use computers and video data analystics in coming up with game plans as well as post match analysis.

“There is a concern from fans that our style of play, tactics and techncial approach is lagging behind. So we have deliberately come up with this refresher course to make sure that our coaches are well prepared for the new season.  

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“Our coaching tactics must not be boring but exciting and competitive.”

The president disclosed that FAM has lined up a number of courses in 2020 including a physical fitness coaching course which will target former players.

“Not everyone who has played football can become a coach after retirement,” he said. “So we would like some former players to have a chance of attending the physical fitness course so that they can earn a living as fitness trainers.

Some of the participants

“We will also hold two CAF B courses this year so that we increase the pool of qualified coaches for the Super League as per the Club Licensing requirements.”

In the two days, the coaches will go through the Pogressive Coaching and the Global Analytical and Global (GAG) models.

FAM Technical Director John Kaputa is facilitating the course, alongside Benjamin Kumwenda and National Football Coaches Association Chairperson Stuart Mbolembole.