Street sale of puppies condemned

By Alice Chunga, MANA

An organisation concerned with the protection of animals — ALLCREATURES Animal Welfare has criticised the selling and buying of puppies and other pets on roadsides and streets, saying the malpractice infringes on animal rights.

The organisation’s communications and programs officer, Chippo Chiwala said those in the habit do not follow right procedures for animal welfare.


“Selling animals on the roadside is not right because they do not follow right actions to promote and improve the welfare of the animals.

“For instance, we have received cases where their customers are deceived in being assured the animals have been vaccinated when they have not been,” she said.

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Chiwala said roadside animal dealers are only focused on making money such that they use any measures to deceive customers, which is morally wrong.

“Recently, we have been having cases where they put super glue behind dogs’ ears to make them look like German Shepherds,” she said.


German Shepherd is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated from Germany with a distinctively primitive, wolf-like appearance.

Commenting on the matter, veterinarian Peter Mwale said many of the animals’ freedoms are infringed when being sold on the streets and roadsides.

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“All animals have freedom from hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, injury, fear and distress and to express normal behaviour.

“The pets are carried almost the whole day in the sun, without being given food and water at times, which is unhealthy,” he said.

Mwale further advised Malawians to play a huge role by being compassionate and have love for animals. 


He said they should also be aware of animals’ rights and should stop selling pets in the streets and roadside.

Meanwhile, ALL CREATURES is urging Malawians to adopt pets which the organisation rescues and puts them up for adoption at a fee of K30,000 for dogs of any breed and cats at K5,000.

Chiwala said as opposed to people that sell animals on the streets, they give more attention and care to the animals.

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“When we rescue an animal, it is quarantined first, to monitor its health and we also make sure we give all the required vaccinations, spay and neuter before anyone adopts it.

Basically, spaying and neutering refer to the removal of reproductive organ in male and female pets respectively.

She further said adopting at ALL CREATURES follows a procedures which include to firstly filling an adoption interview form for the oorganisation to make follow up house visits to check if the environment is pet friendly. 

After approval, they still do routine checks on the well-being of the pets.

Pets are meant to be loved

“It’s not a matter of wanting people to adopt, but trying to promote the welfare of animals,” she said.

Veterinarian, Peter Mwale said their pets are given all the required vaccines.

He added that Malawians can play a huge role by being compassionate and have love for animals because buying pets along the road gives the culprits to continue to violate animal rights.

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“I would like to urge people to treat animals with love and that they should not just abandon pets like objects.

“If they are no longer willing to have them, they should give them to someone else or hand them over to an animal welfare organisation to reduce the number of stray pets,” he said.

ALL CREATURES is a leading non-profit animal welfare organisation that offers veterinary services programs. 

The organisation works closely with Malawi Police and Veterinary Department in enforcing the Protection of Animal Law.