Salima District Council launches mass cleaning campaign

By Peter Chilongo, MANA

Scores of people in Salima, including Salima Centre MP Gerald Kapiseni and traditional leaders joined the mass cleaning campaign which District Council launched on Wednesday.

The exercise included sweeping and removing all garbage deposited along the streets of Kamuzu Road and market places around the area.

MP Gerald Kapiseni with the wheelbarrow

Public relations officer for Salima District Council, Grace Kapatuka said the exercise was meant to demonstrate to people plying their trade and living around the area on the importance of having a hygienic environment.

She said the cleaning exercise was one way of managing waste in the area where the Council was facing challenges to manage due to several factors which include transportation.


“There has been an outcry of poor sanitation along Kamuzu Road due to poor waste management and that is why the Council has taken this initiative to demonstrate to the people that it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that our sanitation is being promoted through proper waste management,” Kapatuka said.

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She observed that the Council has been facing transportation challenges to collect and dispose of waste to the main dumping site due to the breakdown of the waste management vehicles.


Chairperson of the Sanitation Task Force Committee, Dalitso Gome said he was happy to see that people responded well to their call.

“We are working hand in hand with the Council secretariat, politicians and chiefs to ensure that our town and surroundings are clean. 

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“I would like to commend them for mobilizing communities who participated in this exercise.


“Together we have demonstrated that we can do and it is our responsibility,” he said.