Road traffic accidents and sexual offences decrease in the North

By Ireen Mseteka, MANA

Road traffic accidents and sexual offences have decreased in the Northern Region by 22 percent and 19 percent respectively as compared to the same period of January to June last year (2019).

In an interview on Wednesday, Northern Region Police public relations officer, Peter Kalaya said 224 road accidents have been recorded in the first six months of 2020 as compared to 275 accidents recorded during the same period in 2019 representing a decrease of 19 percent.

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Kalaya also said while crime rate in general has increased by 8 percent in the region, sexual offences have been reduced by 22 percent.

However, he observed that from the accidents, more people have lost their lives this year as compared to last year within the same period in review.

“Even though road accidents have reduced from 275 in 2019 to 224 in 2020, 100 people have died in road accidents as compared to 89 under the same period last year. This represents a 12 percent increase.

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“Similarly, while crime rate in the region has increased by eight percent, sexual offences in particular have gone down by 22 per cent,” he said.

Northern Region Commissioner of Police, Hannings Mlotha has attributed the crime decrease to dedication of officers in discharging their duties and police’s good working partnership with the public.