Rising cases of cholera worries Blantyre DHO

District environmental officer, Dr Penjani Chunga

By Mayamiko Phiri, Correspondent

As Blantyre District Health Office is  conducting cholera vaccination campaign targeting over 1 million people which started on May 23-27, district environmental officer Dr Penjani Chunga has expressed worry with the growing cases of cholera in the city.


Hard hit areas include Zingwangwa, Chilomoni and Bangwe but over 40 cases has been reported in Zingwangwa alone so far.

Chunda attributed the rising numbers of cholera cases to contaminated water source, poor hygiene and sanitation and also delay in seeking treatment.

The oral cholera vaccine (OCV) which is underway is targeting those aged 1 year and above but Chunda emphasized that those already sick from the disease and expectant women can still get vaccinated.


He further urged the general public to cooperate with health workers who will be moving in schools, mobile clinics and door-to-door.

The first case of cholera this year was recorded in Machinga District on February 28 but the patient escaped quarantine and was spotted in Mbayani, Blantyre some days later — thus suspected to have been the main transmitter in the city.