Police warn unregistered commercial motorcycle operators of arrest

Maravi Express

Malawi Police Service has warned that all commercial motorcycle operators would be arrested if found to be using unregistered and uninsured motorcycles.

A statement from public relations officer, Senior Superintendent James Kadadzera also warns to arrest those motorcyclists found to be riding without a crash helmet or carrying more than one passenger.

This is not accepted

Kadadzera says the Police are on an enforcement campaign to flush out all unregistered motorcycles, which have contributed to the rising number of road accident.

“It has been noted that untrained riders are the main contributing factor to the increasing road accidents in the country,” Kadadzera says.

Huge influx of unregistered motorcycles

“Police records indicate that between January and September this year, a total of 879 motorcycles were involved in roads accident which claimed lives of 77 motorcyclists.

“Furthermore, a total of 41 motorcycles were stolen violently from their riders who were either seriously injured or killed in the process.

“Thus, all motorcycles that are unregistered and uninsured will be impounded forthwith.”

The majority of commercial motorcyclists trained each other to operate their motorcycles and have complete disregard of traffic rules.


Most of them are not aware of the traffic codes; overspeed; carry more than one passenger and don’t wear helmets or have one for passengers.

Meanwhile, the police also reminds all road users that the festive season is approaching, there is the need to strictly follow road traffic rules and regulations by, among others, observing speed limits, maintaining recommended seating capacity and not drinking and driving.

“Ultimately, it is the expectation of the police that road accident will be drastically reduced once [these] measures are followed,” says the statement.

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