NICO Technologies invests K3m towards National Secondary Schools Quiz Competition

* It is aimed at promoting the teaching of ICT studies in secondary schools in line with ICT innovations

* It is the only opportunity that creates a platform that can show the importance of ICT at the grassroots level

By Victor Singano Jnr

In a bid to ensure that there is smooth and successful program, NICO Technologies has invested K3 million towards the first-ever National Secondary Schools Quiz Competition to be organised by ICT Specialist Teachers Association of Malawi (ISTAM).


The competition for students from different schools across the country is, among other things, aimed at promoting the teaching of information technology & communication (ICT) studies in secondary schools in line with ICT innovations.

NICO Technologies Chief Executive Officer, Clarence Gama said they thought it wise to come in with the support towards the ISTAM’s activity of computer quiz as it is the only opportunity that creates a platform that can show the importance of ICT at the grassroots level — especially in secondary schools and bridge the existing gap among the learners.

Gama added that the initiative is a great way to create awareness that there is ICT or computers studies being taught in schools and that there is also the need to boost up the awareness so that even parents should be able to encourage their children to be part of the studies.

“The quiz competition is the best initiative which needs to be fully supported if we are to move with technology as a country and achieve the MW2063 national vision,” he said. “It is our hope that this money will help to make the program successful.”


ISTAM president Masemo Kinyota Banda applauded NICO Technologies for the timely support which he said has arrived at time when they had a big challenge in terms of funds to carter for the whole program.

He said with the gesture, he believes the activity will achieve its main goal as they aim to motivate learners and teachers and enhance ICT teaching and learning.

“Globally, countries are advancing very fast in as far as technology innovation is concerned and for us to move together with other countries we need to make sure we encourage the teaching of computer studies in secondary schools.

“We are very thankful to NICO Technologies for this support because as a country, we need a collective effort in order to ensure our children are taking ICT seriously and that there is no dropping out of computer studies among learners,” he said.

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Over 100 secondary schools were registered in the competition and each school was contributing 4 students and currently, each education division has 12 qualified schools and in total 72 students are expected to compete.

The national finals for the competition will be conducted on July 8 at Lilongwe Girls Secondary School in Lilongwe where best performers are expected to receive prizes such as laptops (for 1st position), desktop computer (runner-up) a Smart Phone — as well as medals and trophies for all the 3 winner positions at the national level.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, ICT Association of Malawi (ICTAM) donated K1.5 for the same cause while also advocating for for ICT to be introduced as a subject to encourage learners to become innovators.