MUST graduates 450 students its 3rd Congregation

* The country needs to have well educated, knowledgeable, skillful and innovative citizens

* Who can add value to the development of the country in pursuit of MW2063

Victor Singano Jnr, Correspondent

Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) on Wednesday June 29, graduated a total of 450 successful students during it’s 3rd Congregation since its establishment.


The colourful graduation ceremony which took place in the University’s Main Auditorium saw the best students graduating in Degrees, Diploma’s as well as Certificates.

Guest of honour, Deputy Minister of Education, Monica Chang’anamuno applauded the students for working hard and achieving the qualifications, saying as the country is preaching about the MW2063, there is a total need for the country to have well educated, knowledgeable, skills  and innovative  citizens who can add value to the development of the country.

Chang’anamuno further encouraged the graduates to make sure they utilize the skills by exercising whatever they have learnt in order for the country to benefit from them.

Deputy Minister of Education, Monica Chang’anamuno

“As a country, we expect a lot from these graduates because Malawi to achieve its goals it also normally rely on people who have a good background in as far as education is concerned.

“When universities continue producing graduates like the way it is today, we feel happy because education is main key to success and it gives us confident that we’ll change Malawi,” Chang’anamuno said.

She called on private sectors to hold hands with government so that they support MUST and other institutions in order to help the universities to produce highly qualified citizens.

In her remarks, MUST Vice-Chancellor, Professor Address Malata described the graduation of 450 students as a big progress the campus has achieved as it started with 150 students in its first year and the University is grown up in terms of number of learners as well as programs offered at the campus.

Vice-Chancellor Address Malata

Malata said the 8 years of the University’s operation has been an incredible journey because within the period the campus has managed to produce skillful people, who are currently doing well in different areas.

“To be honest,we started from the scratch in all areas because even in our first day we only had three programs but right now we have over 40 programs — which is a big achievement.

“Today, I am a happy person to see these 450 students graduating because I have confidence in them that they will all go out showcase the skills to the world and become reliable citizens in as far as supporting the economy of the country is concerned.”


However, Malata disclosed that the University is also facing some challenges, which includes inadequate student hostels, hospital diagnostic equipment, lack of laboratory complex, just to mention a few.

“We are glad that some of these challenges such as the laboratory will be a history very soon because the government has come in and assisted us with a K15 billion-worth building, which under construction.

“Once it is finished, it will house all the laboratories we are currently in need of and some teaching space. The Chinese government has also just given us equipment this year.

“We have also decided to put up an industrial park with the aim of bringing financial sustainability as you know that financial resources are always a challenge, so we’ll use the park for manufacturing and other activities.

“We have also put up needy students fund to make sure no student is dropping out school due to financial hiccups,” Malata said.

One of the graduate, Faith Cassim who scored a Distinction in Business Information Technology, described working hard as her major secret and further promised to utilize her qualification to help in contributing to the development of her family and that of the country.