Mulunguzi Court registers over 90 defilement cases within 3 months

By Synd Kalimbuka, MANA

Security stakeholders in Zomba on Tuesday expressed concern over the increase of defilement cases and child marriages as the district registered 90 cases in the last three months.

Senior Resident Magistrate Rodrick Michongwe of Mulunguzi Court reported to Security Station Executive Committee during a meeting that defilement cases have exceeded theft-related cases in the district.

The Security Station Executive Committee

Magistrate Michongwe said out of 176 cases registered at Mulunguzi Court from January to March 17, 2020, the court has registered over 90 defilement cases.

“Mulunguzi Court alone has registered over 90 defilement cases within 3 months this year, where girls between the ages of 13 to 16 are victims,” Michongwe said, adding that there was need to find a lasting solution to the problem.


“Since the law does not solve everything, stakeholders need to find other means of dealing with this problem,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of Zomba District Council, Senior Internal Auditor Charles Madula — who represented the District Commissioner — commended Zomba Police Station for organising the meeting.

The meeting was aimed at improving security issues in the district, and  Madula said reports from all traditional authorities had shown that duty bearers needed to take a leading role in combating crimes in collaboration with community police forums.

Defilement is societal menace

Madula then promised to support all traditional authorities in the district with logistics so that they attend these meeting in future as one way of reducing such cases.

Station Executive Committee Chairperson on Security in Zomba, Daniel Phiri also promised to reach out to all areas in the district with sensitisation meetings on security and related issues.

This is leading to high cases of defilement

He further said the committee would involve communities to establish what was really fueling increased cases of defilement and child marriages in the district.

Phiri applauded community police forums for providing the police with tips which result in the arrest of culprits.

Zomba Police Station, in collaboration with stakeholders, organises security meetings quarterly to appreciate how the district is fairing on security.


This helps the district to find measures to improve where there are gaps.