Malawi Muslims congratulate Jabber Alide over his appointment as High Court Judge

By Bright Malenga,

Muslims in the country have congratulated Jabbar Alide over his appointment as High Court Judge, the first Muslim to ascend to such a high post of the judiciary.

Justice Alide is among the three High Court Judges appointed by President Peter Mutharika a few weeks ago and took oath of office on Thursday at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre.

Alide and his wife pose with Mutharika

The Muslim community is advising Justice Alide to be apolitical when discharging duties and that God may guide him to serve Malawians diligently.

Jaffar Banda urges Justice Alide to represent Muslims well in his new position.

“Let him be apolitical and professional to make us proud,” he says, while Muheeb Banda said: “Masha Allah! I am very happy for him. May Allah give him wisdom required in his job.”


Mahommed Jafari Msamala said: “Allahumma Ameen thumma Ameen, I’m wishing him all the best, may Allah grant him more wisdom, hidaiya, patience, humbleness and trust in the Almighty Allah while Mussa Abourakhan Makufa said most Muslims were only focusing on Islamic studies in the past but it’s time to extend on other areas.

“This syndrome has cost us a big time. Alhamdulillah things are now changing. I hope to see many of our brothers and sisters in many influential positions in the country.


“But we need to work extra hard on secular studies also. Congratulations to Justice Jabbar Alide — jazakumullah khairan.

Apart from being the High Court Judge, Justice Alide is also the vice-president of the Football Association of Malawi (FAM).

Tiya Somba (right) and Alide

He was elected during the FAM annual general meeting held in December, 2019 in Mangochi District.

Posting on his Facebook page, President of Super League of Malawi (Sulom), Tiya Somba Banda said: “My Lord, Justice Jabber Alide, receive my heartfelt congratulations. Honesty and integrity knows you by name, you have always been my role model.”

The president and the new judges

During the swearing ceremony President Peter Mutharika asked the trio and the whole judiciary that the rising perception of high corruption in the judiciary overshadows the integrity of the country’s justice delivery system.

He said  there is a lot of work to do to restore public trust and that he will always respect the independence of the Judiciary in Malawi as one of the three arms of government.


“But let it be clear that in any country in the world, the independence of the Judiciary does not mean that the Judiciary is a government in itself.

“The Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature are supposed to work together for the prosperity of Malawians,” said Mutharika.

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He asked the new judges to uphold the rule of Law, be impartial, ethical and disciplined.

“As a generation of justices, it is your collective responsibility and legacy to correct the image of the judiciary. 

“Your duty as judges is to restore public trust.  Remember that Malawians have a lot to expect from you,” said Mutharika.”—Additional reporting by Maravi Express.