Lilly Alfonso, Wealth Magazine partner for ‘Fashion Meets Business Fashion Show’

Lilly Alfonso and Harry Chima connected

* Scheduled at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe on August 24-25

* The event is a challenging journey into demystifying the complementarity of the two industries of fashion and business

By Duncan Mlanjira

Celebrated fashion mogul, Lilly Alfonso has partnered Wealth Magazine to host the first of its kind ‘Fashion Meets Business Fashion Show’ — an event that will combine business and fashion in a worldclass style.


Scheduled at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe on August 24-25, the event is a challenging journey into demystifying the complementarity of the two industries of fashion and business according to a joint statement from the two entities.

It further says the event targets an audience of only 200 people on first-come-first serve ticket bookings basis and quotes Lily Alfonso as saying: “The Fashion Meets Business Fashion Show goes beyond traditional runway presentations by integrating the worlds of fashion and business in a unique and captivating manner.

“It serves as a platform to celebrate the creativity and artistry of fashion, while also highlighting the strategic acumen required to succeed in the industry,” Lily Alfonso, who is her clothing brand’s Creative Director, is quoted as saying.

The show will be celebrated under the theme: ‘Unlocking Malawi’s Potential to the World’, which Wealth Magazine Managing Executive, Harry Chima it resonates well with their objective “to illuminate the vast opportunities within Malawi’s fashion and textile industry”.

“With fashion and textile standing as the second-largest sector in Africa after agriculture — boasting an estimated market value of US$31 billion in 2020, these creative industries have the potential to drive continent-wide job creation and GDP growth, contributing to sustainable development and economic prosperity.

“Through this event, we believe that we will offer a unique fashion clinic to a high-profile audience that will be so privileged to attend the prized event. Often, people in business go scot free with not so much conscious of what their fashion sense and style stand for.”


Lilly Alfonso added that the event “also applies in instances where those of in fashion at times undersell and misrepresent the context of business that they ply their trades.

“This is why this event becomes most exciting,” she said. “It takes place  in two days with day one hosting a business incubation activity which will mainly be a training opportunity for up-and-coming fashion and business entrepreneurs that will be registered through Wealth Magazine and Lily Alfonso online portals.”

The statement takes cognizance that in a recent model cast call, Lilly Alfonso asked for aspiring models male and female to submit applications to participate into the high-profile fashion show and that so far, the response has been overwhelming and review is underway to determine those that make the finalist grade to be a part of this project.


Thus the organisers invite “fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and all those passionate about the transformative power of fashion and business to book their seats and be a part of this historic event.

“This event promises to captivate the senses and inspire attendees to embrace the limitless possibilities at the intersection of fashion and strategic thinking.

“Tickets for the Fashion Meets Business Fashion Show are available for purchase on social platforms for both Lily Alfonso and Wealth Magazine — otherwise also directly selling on demand from individuals and tables to institutions respectively.”

Lilly Alfonso, a self-taught fashion designer with an innate talent and passion for design, embarked on her creative journey at a tender age.

Born out of a rebellious spirit, Lilly would transform her mother’s dresses into new creations, which often landed her in trouble. Little did she know that her innovative designs would go on to positively impact the lives of countless individuals.

She is the founding chief executive officer for her own Lily Alfonso clothing line which also happens to be Malawi’s number one fashion brand.

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