Khuda Muyaba risks not been granted clearance certificate by Polokwane FC if he continues absenting himself

By Duncan Mlanjira

In an exclusive interview with Malawi’s Times TV last month, former Silver Strikers forward vented his frustrations he is enduring at Polokwane City Stars and confessed that he regretted joining the South Africa Premier League (PSL) side.

Polokwane Stars

He hinted on dumping the club and return to play at home but, according to a communication from the club — dated October 29, 2020 — Khuda cannot just leave the club if he continues to absent himself without leave or authorization from the club (AWOL).

The club’s management has since instructed the player, who joined them in January this year, to report for duty by 9am on Monday, November 2 and failing which the club would be forced to invoke provisions of Clause 16.2 of the employment contract between the player and the club.

The Clause 16.2 says a player “shall not be entitled to remuneration or a clearance certificate and until he undertakes to, and does, comply with all his obligations to the Club”.

Khuda Muyaba

So the club says: “Your conduct amounts to a refusal and/or failure to attend work, and an expression of unwillingness to play for the club as envisaged by Clause 16.2.

“Consequently, the club has, and hereby informs you that it has decided to invoke provisions of Clause 16.2 of the employment contract between you and the club.

“Therefore, the principle of ‘now work, no pay’ shall apply until you report for duty as instructed by the club and in compliance with your obligations in terms of the employment contract.”

Khuda at Polokwane

The letter from management says the club commenced their pre-season training from October 2 but Muyaba did not report for duties and after five days management says it sent an SMS to the player reminding him of his obligation.

“You were informed of the commencement of the pre-season training and instructed to report for duty via SMS on October 7, 2020 after you failed to report for duty without leave or authorization from the club,” says the letter from management.

“The club has sent you various SMS messages instructing you to report for duty, but you have failed and/or refused to obey these instructions and you continue to fail and/or refuse to obey these instructions.”

The club further instructs Muyaba that before reporting for training on Monday he should first all report to management, probably for a disciplinary hearing.

Muyaba joined Plokwane in January this year after winning the TNM Super League Golden Boot award having bagged in 21 goals.

He is bitter that since he joined the side he has been on the bench until the season went on lockdown due to COVID-19.

His coach, Clinton Larsen is reported to have said Muyaba was to be given a chance for game time when the season would resume.

In that interview on Times TV last month, Muyaba had accused the owner of the team and its management of cruelty.

He also accused compatriot, Esau Kanyenda for facilitating his move to the South African side.

However, his compatriot at the club, defender Dennis Chembezi, is reported to have settled well at the club and had been enjoying game time as well as earning praise from the coach.

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