If anyone knows how to live in style, it’s the rich and famous


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Traveling by yacht is an experience that not many can afford, let alone owning one. Having a yacht lets people know that you’re doing a little better than ‘just great’ in life. 


However, you can bump it up a notch and have a yacht equipped with a range of different amenities including a swimming pool, elevator, and even a smaller boat! 

If anyone knows how to live in style, it’s the rich and famous. Check out some of these swanky yachts owned by some of the wealthiest celebs.

Comb’s Maraya

Sean Diddy Comb’s Maraya

Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, or simply Diddy, whatever you want to call him – he knows how to live. This native from Harlem has had a very successful career in the music industry with no end in sight. 


It only makes sense that he has the riches to show it. His $65 million yacht dubbed the Maraya is 54 feet long from nose to back and has 10 staff members on its every beck and call.

Johnny Depp’s

Johnny Depp’s Vajoliroja

Who knew that being a pirate actually pays off? It’s only fitting that the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has his own luxurious yacht. 

This superyacht, built in Turkey in 2001, is 156 feet long and accommodates up to 10 guests in 4 cabins. And no, this isn’t stolen booty. The boat was sold to JK Rowling in 2016 and renamed Amphitrite.

Bono’s Cyan

The frontman of U2, Bono, purchased his 160-foot luxury yacht in 2008 and has since modernized it a bit. This yacht sleeps up to a dozen guests in 6 cabins, has a grand piano, indoor gym, and even a cinema for Bono’s guests to enjoy.

Nicole Kidman’s Hokulani

The richest celebrity coming from the Land Down Under, Nicole Kidman’s superyacht is nothing short of simply amazing. 

Valued at nearly $4.5 million, the Hokulani is equipped with five cabins, separate quarters for the crew, a spacious living area to kick back, and a kitchen and private chef. 


Nicole loves taking her yacht out during the summertime with her guests and family.

Larry Ellison’s Musashi

This businessman from California and owner of the software company Oracle is worth roughly $60 billion and has a $130 million yacht to show it. 

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At the time of purchase, the Musashi, which sleeps 18 guests and 23 crew members, was the largest Feadship ever constructed. 

The name Musashi actually means “warrior” in Japanese, something that is befitting of his struggles during youth and successes in life.

Richard Branson’s Necker Belle

Richard started off as a humble Christmas tree grower and seller, but his first successful business venture was his magazine Student. 

Today, the owner of Virgin Airlines is estimated to have a net worth of just over $5 billion. 

His love for sailing drove him to purchase the Necker Belle, a 105-foot yacht that housed 13 people and 5 crew members. It was sold in September of this year for roughly £3 million.

Roberto Cavalli’s Freedom

The fashion genius from Florence, Italy is no stranger to yachts. He sold his first superyacht, the Baglietto. 

In July of last year, Roberto’s latest toy, Freedom, has officially hit the waters. The 89-foot Freedom cost roughly $20 million and guests only 6 people in 3 separate cabins.

Steven Spielberg’s Seven Seas

The famous director of E.T. and Jurassic Park owns the Seven Seas – the yacht, not the actual seas (though he could probably afford them). 

This yacht was constructed by Oceano and measures 292 feet from nose to end. It comes with 23 crew members and houses 12 guests. They can enjoy traveling the seas and a quick dip in the yacht’s indoor Jacuzzi.

Eric Clapton’s Va Bene

This blues guitarist from England owns the Va Bene, a 156-foot yacht that sleeps 12 people and a crew of 13. 

Apart from traveling the world while on tour, he also likes to hit the waters on his yacht with those closest to him. 

The most prominent luxurious feature aboard the Va Bene is a movie lounge.

Tiger Woods’ Privacy

Ironic, isn’t it, how there is more known about Tiger Wood’s private life than there is about the Privacy, his $25 million, 164-foot yacht. 

Although the Privacy was gifted to his ex-wife, it returned to him after the dust settled in their divorce due to the exorbitant maintenance costs.

The Privacy sports fancy dining rooms, a saloon, and a huge 50-inch plasma screen.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rising Sun

The Wolf of Wall Street scored himself a huge yacht. It has more than 26,000 square feet of living space and is the 11th largest yacht on the planet. 

Coincidentally, this yacht used to be owned by Larry Ellison, another man on this list.

Nicolas Cage’s Sarita

If he can steal the Declaration of Independence then he can definitely score himself a yacht. 

This misunderstood actor has owned four yachts while he was at the peak of his career, the most prominent of which was the Sarita. 

It had enough cabins to house 12 guests, and Cage has been spotted riding the rough waves aboard the Sarita numerous times. 

Unfortunately, he had to sell the Sarita in 2008 due to clashes with the IRS.

Beyoncé’s Galactica Star

Queen B lives the life of a literal queen. She owns the Galactica Star, a 213-foot mega yacht that is equipped with a spa, helipad, and numerous cabins that sleep 12 people. 

B and Jay-Z mostly enjoy taking the yacht out during the summer months to just kick back and avoid paparazzi.

David and Victoria Beckham’s SeaFair

Beyoncé and Jay-Z aren’t the only celebrity couple to have their own yacht. Football superstar David Beckham and Spice Girl’s Victoria Beckham purchased the 228-foot, $40 million SeaFair which was used in a famous Haig Club Whiskey commercial in 2016.

Calvin Klein’s Vantage

Fashion expert and millionaire Clavin Klein purchased the $60 million Vantage. 

Although the length of this liner is only about 15-1/2 feet long, it has no shortage of amenities – bars, Jacuzzi, six cabins on two decks, and a spacious living area for guests to relax. 

It’s not the size of the boat, but it’s about what the boat packs.

Steve Jobs’ Venus

The late CEO of Apple was one of the most prominent CEOs in the world, but stocks are where he earned his big bucks. 

He earned big and he splurged big and one of his most expensive assets was the Venus, a 255-foot yacht with 23 crew members and enough space for 12 guests. 

To operate the yacht, Jobs had a 27-inch iMac installed in the wheelhouse.

Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse

Owner of Millhouse LLC and Chelsea Football Club, Roman Abramovich is not new to the world of owning expensive things. 

The 12th richest man from Russia, owns the 534-foot Eclipse with 24 cabins, 2 separate swimming pools, a missile defense system and a

Giorgio Armani’s Main

Expert fashion designer Giorgio Armani is the owner of the Main, one of the classiest yachts to ever sail the seas. 

What makes his yacht unique from the rest is the black coat of paint on almost the entire exterior surface. 

Armani chose the dark color due to his distaste of brightly colored yachts.