ICAM encourages online communication models in observance of Coronavirus prevention measures


By Duncan Mlanjira

In line with the social distancing recommendations, as recommended by Government directives in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention measures, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi (ICAM) is encouraging its members to use online communication models to get in touch with ICAM staff for assistance.

The Institute is also recommends less interaction with members at its office and request that wherever possible all communication to be made through emails and phone calls until further notice.

Gondwe, ICAM CEO

In a public statement issued by Francis Chinjoka Gondwe, secretary and chief executive officer for and on behalf of ICAM Council, also urges its members to take advantage of the various payment platforms i.e. bank transfers to minimize walk-in into the ICAM offices.

“Facemasks and gloves have been provided to all front office personnel to ensure that our clients are well protected,” says Gondwe.


“The Institute has considered the impact the virus will have on its training programs and will endeavour to host Continuous Professional Development (CPD) event for numbers of people that are within the restricted parameters of the presidential directive.

“ICAM, however, encourages organisations to seek for tailor made trainings which ICAM can offer to them.”

Coronavirus alert

In such a regard, ICAM says, the number of participants will be lower and within the recommended limit. Further, the training will be value adding as it will take into account specific trainings needs of organisations and levels of competencies of the staff to be trained.

For organization of such tailor made trainings, members are encouraged to contact the Director for Technical and Membership Services Charles Chimpeni.


The measures are meant to ensure that the health of the ICAM personnel, its members and all stakeholders that ICAM works with is greatly safeguarded.

“The Institute encourages members to get acquainted with processes of protecting themselves and their families and therefore calls upon members to access some literature from World Health Organisation (WHO) which is available on the link: https:/www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/technical-guidance.

WHO has declared COVID-19 a global epidemic

ICAM says its offices shall remain operational unless another directive is implemented calling upon total closure of offices.

During the operational times of ICAM office, several measures have been effected to address hygiene management such as placing hand sanitizers and bucket of water at the main entrance where staff, its  members and other visitors are expected to wash their hands before entering the offices.


On new members registration, ICAM says it will continue to promote the requirements of the Public Accountants and Auditors Act 2013 that makes it mandatory for all accountants to be registered with the Malawi Accountants Board through ICAM.

“ICAM is calling upon all its members to encourage non registered accountants within their firms and organisations to register accordingly.”

All registration forms to be sent online with payment effected through the bank and that though cash payments are allowed at ICAM office, members should try to effect all payments through the bank.

Coronavirus alert

ICAM bank deatls are:

*Account name: The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi

*National Bank of Malawi

*Victoria Avenue Service Centre

*Account number: 2888122

*Swift code: NBMAMWMW002

ICAM further says purchase of books can be done via the same bank account but a courier fee shall be charged for delivery.

Coronavirus alert

In case of need for some information and to ease communication, members are encouraged to contact the following:

*Charles Chimpeni, Director, Technical and Membership Services, 0999893509

*Alack Mabvumbe, Senior Technical Officer, 0999871151

*Sophie Chamba, Senior Membership and Ethics Officer, 0888988791

*Zion Tamula, Marketing and Public Relations Officer, 0888566797

*Patrick Achitabwino, Marketing and Public Relations Manager, 0888304768

*Ground lines: 01 810 318, 01 811 301

*E-mail: icam@icam.mw

Coronavirus alert

“If you feel like you have signs for COVID-19, please seek medical attention immediately.

“Together we can beat this virus. Together we can safeguard ourselves, the Institute and the nation at large.

“You all are called upon to play your part in curbing the spread of this virus,” said Gondwe in signing off.