Higher Institute of Health Specialties conducts blood donation drive in Muscat


By Dr Ahmed Mohiuddin Siddiqui

Literally, it was a ‘bloody’ Sunday in Muscat, Oman! A large number of people donated blood at a donation drive supervised by Dr. Manal Abdul Majeed Al Zadjali, Dean, Higher Institute of Health Specialties (HIHS). 

The donors trooped in from early morning for the noble cause.

The blood donors had to register themselves before being taken to a room where their blood samples were collected to check for haemoglobin levels. 

Their weight, blood pressure and other health parameters were also monitored. Those persons weighing less than 50kg, those who received recent vaccination and those who took any type of medicine either orally or intravenously within a week period could not donate as per the deferral period policy. 

Separate arrangements were made for males and females.

Enthusiastic participation

It is vital to mention that blood donation has no harmful effects on the donor. In fact, it helps in the rejuvenation of blood. 

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Blood donation also gives a feeling of satisfaction where donor contributes in the process of saving lives. Blood donation is a continuous process. 

The blood collected cannot be stored for a long period. The blood components after being separated can only be stored for a short period of time, e.g. red cells can be stored for 35 – 42 days. 


Platelets are stored for a maximum period of five days. With advancements in healthcare services, the need for blood is ever increasing.

The faculty, staff and students from HIHS lead the blood donation drive. A large number of students and faculty from Oman College of Health Sciences (OCHS) and other voluntary blood donors also participated in the blood donation drive.

Speaking to The Maravi Express, Dr. Manal Abdul Majeed Al Zadjali recalled the Sultanate of Oman’s record of blood donation in the Guinness Book of World Records in the year 2018, wherein an impressive 5,500 blood donors registered within 8 hours. The previous record was held by India — 3,034 donors.

Dr. Manal appreciated the faculty, students, youth and a large number of girls who participated in the blood donation drive on Sunday. Oman’s Blood Bank organized the drive successfully with great enthusiasm.