FDH Bank Plc set to solidify its mark across Africa

* Markets itself at Pan-African Intra African Trade Fair in Durban

* It has interfaced with various key African trade stakeholders

* As well as those beyond Africa to increase its visibility

By Duncan Mlanjira

Just founded in 2008, Malawi’s FDH Bank Plc now sets its focus to solidify its presence on the African market and beyond the continent as it aims to build and grow long term sustainable business relationships and partnerships with clients.


This was said by FDH Bank’s acting Managing Director, George Chitera on the sidelines of the Pan-African Intra African Trade Fair (IATF) taking place in Durban, South Africa where the bank is a key partner.

Chitera said as one of the partners of the international fair, FDH Bank is optimistic of the  trade and investment opportunities the fair is expected to bring.


“We are looking at facilitating trade across Africa and have taken this opportunity to increase our visibility to potential clients, engage new trade partners and cement existing relationships with its global counterparts,” Chitera said.

“From the onset of the fair, we have interfaced with various key African trade actors and stakeholders as well as those beyond Africa.

“The vision of FDH Bank Plc is to be the leading provider of first class financial solutions in Malawi and the Southern African region and platforms like these are the doors to facilitating the success and implementation of that vision,” he said.

FDH Bank Plc has joined big corporates such as Dangote, as event partners and the US$40 billion in trade and deals are expected to be sealed from the fair.

The fair attracted 55 countries from across the continent and beyond with over 1,100 exhibitors and 10,000 attendees.

“This is a key opportunity for FDH Bank plc to position itself as a major facilitator for trade and business in Africa and beyond,” Chitera said.

FDH Bank is a Malawian wholly-owned commercial bank founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of FDH Financial Holdings Limited.


The financial holding group was formed in 2007 replacing First Discount Holdings Limited (FDH) and in 2015, the Group bought off 75% of Malawi Savings Bank, together with its subsidiary MSB Forex Bureau Limited.

After completing all process in 2016, FDH Bank Limited and Malawi Savings Bank Limited merged bank adopted the name FDH Bank Limited.

Recently, FDH Financial Holdings’ 37-years-old, Group Chief Executive Officer, William Mpinganjira ranked by Reputational Poll International as one of the 50 Most Reputable Bank CEOs in Africa.

The poll conducted by the global strategic consultancy agency specialises in corporate reputation management and the 50 most reputable bank CEOs were from 16 countries across the continent.

William Mpinganjira

Mpingangira was amongst top executives of banks in big economies such as Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, Cameroun, Angola, Rwanda and Morocco as well as two other Malawian banking executive that included CEO of National Bank of Malawi, Macfussy Kawawa.

Reputational Poll International ranks Mpinganjira among the top executives who have done sterling work in revolutionising the banking sector and keeping it thriving amid the ravaging CoVID-19.

The list included the oldest bank CEO, Othman Benjellouna — a Moroccan billionaire banker and businessman, who is the co-founder of Bank of Africa and BMCE Bank.

He also serves as the chairperson and CEO in 2021 with net worth estimated by Forbes to be US$1.3 billion.

FDH Bank Solidifying business partnership with MPC

Mpinganjira was appointed Group CEO for FDH Financial Holdings Limited in September 2020 after the retirement of his father, Thom Mpinganjira, who is the Founder of group of companies that comprises five subsidiaries — FDH Money Bureau, FDH Bank, FDH Advisory Services, First Discount House and MSB Properties Limited.

Prior to his appointment at FDH Financial Holdings, William Mpinganjira worked as FDH Bank’s Deputy Managing Director, having studied at the London South Bank University, where he gained a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting.

He also attended Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France, where he gained a Master’s Degree in International Business as well as attaining a Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance with Bangor Business School.

A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Malawi, Mpinganjira is a Chartered Banker with the Chartered Banker Institute, and a Fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants.

He completed an Executive Development Programme at South Africa’s University of Stellenbosch Graduate Business School.

Mpinganjira is an alumnus of the London Business School and Harvard Business School, having successfully completed leadership programmes at both prestigious learning institutions.

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