Emmanuel Adebayor responds to critics, saying he does not donate


Togo striker Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor claims he does not donate after being criticized for not being generous to aid the underprivileged amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many footballers have made donations to the vulnerable people and families in their various countries in order to help them survive the prevailing situation in the world at the moment.


But the former Arsenal FC, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur forward thinks otherwise.

The former Togo captain, through videos circulating on social networks, responded to his critics and said he didn’t bring the deadly disease to the country.

“For those who say that I do not donate, let me be very clear, I do not donate. Very simple,” he said.


The former Real Madrid player almost snubs the idea of making donations to the people.

“I do what I want to do, I eat what I want to eat and this is the most important. Afterwards, there will be people who will criticize me for the fact that I did not make a foundation in Lomé.


“But it seems that it was me who brought the Coronavirus virus to Lomé. It is very unfortunate, but it is like that and it is the country that is like that.”

Adebayor has nothing to do with the gestures of solidarity made by his football star peers.

Coronavirus alert

“You can compare me to Didier Drogba, you can compare me to Samuel Eto’o, but unfortunately I am not Didier Drogba, I am not Samuel Eto’o. I am Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor and I will always do what I want to do.”