DPP MP Chambo applauds Chakwera’s administration on construction of Makanjira maternity wing

MP Benedicto Chambo speaking at the national development function in his constituency.—Pictures by Abel Ikiloni, MANA

By Bishop Witmos, MANA & Duncan Mlanjira, Maravi Express

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Mangochi North legislator, Benedicto Chambo has applauded President Lazarus Chakwera for the initiative to construct the all-important project that extends services of Makanjira Health Centre.


He said this at the ground breaking ceremony for construction of Makanjira Centre for Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care, which was presided over by President Lazarus Chakwera on Monday, saying more women and children died on the road in order to access maternal services at the main referral Mangochi Hospital.

The new Makanjira maternity wing will include a life-saving operating theatre, antenatal, labour & post-natal wards as well as a high dependency unit for newborns. Supporting buildings will be laboratory, ex-ray room, mortuary, office block and laundry room.

Thus it prompted MP Chambo to applaud Chakwera’s administration for the initiative which is set to save mothers’ and newly-born babies through the facility, which Chakwera described as a perfect Mothers’ Day gift, saying it “will surely save the lives of many because no woman should have to lose her life while birthing”.


Meanwhile, the DPP has dispelled a statement purportedly authored by spokesperson Shadric Namalomba that indicted that it had expels its MP Chambo for his presence at Chakwera’s ground breaking ceremony of the extension of Makanjira health centre.

The fake statement indicated that his presence at the function was a misconduct contrary to Article 6(1) (v), (vii) and (viii) of the DPP constitution.

But Namalomba, alongside DPP vice-president for Eastern Region, Bright Msaka also attended a mass celebration marking the Mangochi Diocese’s 50th anniversary at Mangochi Stadium, which Chakwera attended.

Namalomba was captured shaking hands with President Chakwera, which went viral on social media applauding the gesture by the opposition politician to rub shoulders with the Head of State.

Other notable dignitaries included Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Aisha Adam and United Democratic Front (UDF) leader, Lilian Patel.

In his speech, Mangochi Diocese’s Bishop Montfort Sitima asked Malawians to be responsible as they discharge their service to the nation, saying: “As we are celebrating 50 years of existence of the diocese, let us reflect on what we are impacting to our nation.

“This is the time for all Malawians to be responsible for whatever we do to our environment as well as in our communities. This is the time for us to pay back what we owe God. We have debt to pay back to God.

“We have not used the environment well. God gave us land but we have degraded it. Time for us to continue putting blame on the President over what we can ably do is gone,” Bishop Sitima said.

On his part, Chakwera challenged every Malawian to consider themselves important agents for the development of the nation — including those who do not support the ideologies of the current government to work hard to develop the country.

He gave an example of the Mangochi Diocese, saying besides its religious obligations, since 1973, it has been government’s reliable partner in national development through provision of education, health and a range of social services.

“Since the time Mangochi Diocese was created, it has achieved a number of developments such as construction of schools, hospitals, and many other social services.

“This should motivate all of us to put aside our ideologies, and work together for the common good of our communities. In whatever positions we hold we should avoid underrating ourselves, and start working very hard in improving our households and communities.”


He said the sermon offered by Bishop Montfort Sitima had among other things challenged Malawians to believe in the power of new beginnings, and that challenges that the country is facing will soon be a thing of the past.

“The verse read by the Bishop today has touched me especially where Paul was telling Timothy to ensure that people should not underrate him, to utilise the gifts that he was blessed with and to take charge of his responsibilities.

“Through this verse, it is a call for everyone to consider themselves important to the society. Let us change our mindsets and utilise what God gave us in order for us to be where we want to be. God blessed us with good soil, as well as minerals. Let us utilize these resources, as we expect no one to work for us for,” he said.



Chakwera also challenged Malawians to love one another, saying: “To be a Malawian is to be a role model, to be humble and to be friendly to everyone. But very importantly, to be Malawian is love one another.

“We should, therefore, stop wishing each other badly and start working as children of one Mother Malawi,” said the President.

Mangochi Diocese was born on September 17, 1973 and has contributed a number of developmental projects such as establishment of Montfort Media, Luntha Television, DMI University, Alleluya Band as well as Radio Maria Malawi.

The anniversary celebrates establishment of 275 primary schools, 25 secondary schools that have been constructed within the diocese, which now has 35 parishes from initial 11 with 250,000 congregants from 45,000.