COVID-19: Sunbird Hotels deploys special medical personnel to screen staff, guests

Maravi Express

In realizing the risk that tourism and hospitality industry faces but has to continue to operate despite the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Malawi’s Sunbird Hotels and Resorts pledges to be of service under very strict preventive measures service player by deploying special medical personnel.

These special medical personnel will be screening all staff members and their guests by first checking their body temperatures and their behaviours before entry and if an individual shall exceed the prescribed normal body temperature, they shall be isolated and the authorities informed forthwith.

Sunbird CEO Yusuf Olela

And at each entry and in other strategic points inside the hotels and resorts, Sunbird has installed sanitisation stations such as buckets of chlorinated water and sanitisers to reinforce hand washing.


The public is also assured of the adherence to social distancing and that it has trained its staff “to be each other’s caretaker during this difficult period”.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Sunbird’s Chief Executive Officer, Yusuf Olela said they have also set up a Coronavirus response management team to enhance vigilance to the response initiative across all hotels and resorts across the country.


“Sunbird Tourism would like to ensure its stakeholders that we are doing everything possible to ensure that prevention and containment of the disease are key at this time and that we are closely monitoring the situation and adopting precaution measures to ensure everyone’s well being.


“A business continuity plan is in place to make sure that there are no service disruption but also outlines the plan within the Group on how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic,” Olela said.

He further said they are working hand in hand with the guidances as set by Ministry of Health through World Health Organisation (WHO) in the best way possible to minimise the risk of COVID-19 spread.

Coronavirus Alert

“We are working hard within our service culture to make sure we set the best standards for the Tourism and Hospitality sector knowing our pole position as a key destination for most Malawians for our various reliable and unique services that we offer,” he said.

Olela also announced that as one way of appreciating the existing relationship which is there with the clients, they have slashed down accommodation prices during the Easter holidays that start from Thursday till Monday.

Coronavirus alert

He said Sunbird  understand that some of their  customers will visit their hotels and resorts for the long Easter weekend or any other day they prefer, hence they decided in particular to offer special discounts in order to appreciate the support which they get from their customers.

Sunbird Ku Chawe

“With assured health and safety measures in place, we cannot thank our customers enough for their continued loyalty and we hope they will utilise the discounts and get great service this Easter,” said Olela.

Sunbird Nkopola

Sunbird Hotels and Resorts has nine properties, including four city hotels in all three regions of Malawi, namely Sunbird Capital, Sunbird Lilongwe, Sunbird Mount Soche and Sunbird Mzuzu.

It has two popular beach resorts along Lake Malawi namely Sunbird Nkopola and Sunbird Livingstonia and an iconic mountain resort, in the former capital city of Zomba the Sunbird Ku Chawe.

Sunbird Mount Soche

It also manages a game lodge in Majete with a popular big 5 wild life reserve, namely Sunbird Thawale and has a latest addition of a mountain-side lodge, Sunbird Kara O’Mula. 

The preferred brand in the hospitality industry is loved for offering excellent and personalized services, fine cuisine and comfortable accommodation.