Coronavirus cases to disappear completely by April end — India’s astro-gemologist

By Dr Ahmed Mohiuddin Siddiqui

The world is afflicted by the deadly Coronovirus. Many doctors, scientists and even some astrologers are seized of the matter. 

In December 2019, there was a solar eclipse. India’s popular astro-gemologist, Dr. M. M. Raza, who is a regular feature on Urdu, Telugu and Kannada television channels in India, had then predicted  that the world will be confronted with calamities and a major disease. 

Dr. Raza

This major disease turned out to be the pandemic Coronavirus or Covid-19. But, there is hope. 

Dr. Raza, speaking exclusively to The Maravi Express, has claimed that the Coronavirus cases will reduce by 14th April 2020 and disappear completely by the end of April 2020. 

He points out to the planetary movements. He says that as sun moves into Aries and later into Taurus in the coming month, Coronavirus incidents will reduce and vanish ultimately.


The year 2020 seems to be a roller coaster ride for many countries with the slowing down of the economy coupled with Covid-19 and Dr. Raza believes this is because the planetary positions have changed. 

The planet Shani in vedic astrology (Saturn), moved out of its house to Makar (Capricorn) on January 24 this year. 

It is said that Saturn is a discipliner. It supposedly rules judgement and rewards honesty and hard work. It reportedly creates hurdles for those who act without proper thinking.

‘‘Saturn is the farthest planet and it will stay there in this house for two-and-a half years. It takes a long time to make its journey. 

Always wash hands with soap

“It seems to cause an atmosphere of fear and insecurity as it is considered as the lord of darkness. The global unrest is likely to continue till September 2020. 

“However, the silver lining is that the Coronavirus will die by the end of April 2020,’’ predicts Dr. Raza.

It may be recalled that Dr. Raza, the third-generation astro-gemologist, had predicted the devastating earthquake in Nepal not many years ago. 

His father’s clients include the former Indian Prime Minister Deve Gowda and the younger astro-gemologist’s clients include many film stars, politicians and common people. 

Indian state Telangana’s Home Minister Mahmood Ali consults Dr. Raza and he has spoken quite highly about Dr. Raza’s celestial skills. 

Dr. Raza’s brother Dr. Roshan manages the Bengaluru office while Dr. Raza moves from city to city — Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vishakhapatnam, New Delhi and Dubai.

Precautionary measures in China

A look at the impending weather changes April seem to suggest fatality for the deadly Coronavirus. 

Sweden-based emerging space engineer-scientist Ahmed Abdul Aziz Siddiqui points out that Coronavirus cannot survive in extreme cold or hot climate. 

He opines that when temperature reaches 26 degrees Celsius and more, Coronavirus will fade away.

According to Stanford Hospital, Coronavirus is not heat-resistant and it will be killed by a temperature of just 26 or 27 degrees — it hates the sun. 

Washing of hands

It suggests washing hands frequently and to drink warm water every 15 minutes to keep the mouth and throat moist.

Fatality rate is just about 4 percent but taking precautions can save many human lives.

Meanwhile, much is been said about how the country is prepared for the pandemic but Malawi has not confirmed any Covid 19 case. 

In places of entry people  are screened before they check in but little is taking place elsewhere.

UNICEF has taken  a proactive precautions by putting four  measures in Lilongwe where no one is let in without washing his or her hands at the gate and just before you enter into the building.

Another organisation taking a stand is Population Service International.—Additional reporting by Govati Nyirenda, Malawi News Agency