Concerned citizens worried of political witch-hunting

Kamangira (2nd left) delivering the message

By John Saukira

Some concerned citizens have noted with sadness that some of the arrests that have been made by the new government are political in nature.

In a statement issued on Friday to President Lazarus Chakwera and Vice-president Saulos Chilima, signed by Phillip Kamangira on behalf of the concerned citizens, says the nation is slowly taking a path of political persecution, witch-hunting and harassment, saying some of the arrests could have a negative impact on Malawi’s hard-earned democracy.

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In the statement entitled “Time to defend our democracy from capture by elements of violence, political witch-hunting and unlawful harassment’, the concerned citizens do not rule out the possibility of more arrests.

While congratulating the Tonse Alliance leaders on their victory in the fresh presidential elections, the concerned citizens say the Republic of Malawi was founded on the principles of democracy, justice, inclusive development and security for all Malawians following democratic transition in 1994.

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The statement says people should be arrested and charged based on a crime that they committed and can even be proven in a court of law as opposed to their political affiliation.

“We call on your leadership to make sure, we don’t orchestrate any political violence as we struggle to improve the livelihoods of common Malawians,” reads part of the statement.

The concerned citizens say Malawians are patiently waiting for the promises made during the campaign and see how best such good plans can be executed.

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The statement says the citizens have vowed to protect the Constitution in their unstoppable struggle, to stand and continue defending their democracy unconditionally without being intimidated in any way, by any political political grouping and that they shall galvanize their efforts until sanity is restored in their beloved country and until peace as well as stability return in their society. 

Kambalame (centre) was arrested on Thursday

The statement further says the fresh presidential elections must reflect on the democratic principles that calls for sustained  coexistence of peace free from political witch-hunting and harassment in Malawi’s collective pursuit for a developmentally-driven democratic state.

On Thursday, Central Region Governor for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), David Kambalame was arrested on charges of causing grievous body harm on Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Secretary General Elsenhower Mkaka.

The allegations are that prior to the June 23 fresh presidential election, Kambalame bit up Mkaka when the MCP SG was investigating reports that some people had gone to his constituency collect the voter IDs.

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It is reported that the DPP cadets who were buying the IDs were not arrested despite that the Police had witnessed the incident.

Earlier in the week, DPP Councillor for Bangwe Nthandizi Ward, Isaac Jomo Osman, also known as Mtopwa 1, was also arrested and charged with malicious damage and theft allegations.

Mtopwa 1 has since been released on court bail.