Competition and Fair Trading Commission urges consumers to buy certified products

By Memory Chatonda, MANA

Executive director for Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC), James Kaphale has advised consumers in the country to desist from buying substandard goods on the market to protect their lives.

Kaphale said on Tuesday during the commemoration of World Consumer Rights Day in Blantyre which was held under the theme: ‘Protecting consumers from substandard goods’.

Commemorating the day

He said it was disheartening that consumers in the country continue to be duped with substandard goods despite the commission’s efforts to protect buyers against the malpractice.

“We normally encourage consumers to know their rights and responsibilities by being alert and questioning on the price and quality of the goods and services,” Kaphale said.


“However, we have noted that unscrupulous traders dupe buyers with uncertified goods and we have so far taken action.

“Recently, we ceased 11 pharmacies in Blantyre and Lilongwe for excessive pricing on products such as sanitizers, masks as well as gloves.”

He said the Commission will continue protecting consumers by reminding their rights and responsibilities in the purchase of any product,” he said.

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Executive director for Consumer Association of Malawi (CAMA), John Kapito blamed passiveness of consumers in determining quality of products before purchasing in the shops or on the markets.

CAMA executive director John Kapito (left)

“Most of the times when we (consumers) go to the market, we tend to deliberately look for substandard or uncertified goods in order to pay less only to discover that in purchasing the item, we have compromised our safety or the item cannot perform to our anticipation,” Kapito said.


“No wonder, there is proliferation of substandard goods or services on the market. As CAMA, we believe this can be flushed out if a consumer regards herself or himself as king (the one with money in the pocket).

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“They should exercise their rights and responsibilities to demand quality and certified products to value for his or her money,” he said.


On March 23 every year, Malawi joins other countries in commemorating World Consumer Rights Day to raise awareness about consumer rights and responsibilities. 

Among the rights, include safety, choice, information and effective redress.