CCAP Nkhoma Synod declares Feb. 3 school holiday on Constitutional Court ruling


By Duncan Mlanjira

Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Nkhoma Synod has advised all heads of all its synod institutions to observe a holiday for schools on Monday February 3, the day the Constitutional Court is expected to announce their judgement on the disputed presidential May 21, 2019 elections.

The Nkhoma Synod says this is as per its mandate, which is derived from Scripture and its values within the corporate governance code as adapted by the Synod Code of Ethics and Operations.

“We are obliged at all times to be sensitive to matters of Church and Society.

The judiciary

“As regards to the government assisted schools and our sensitive operations within our mandate; relevant authorities and protocols be adhered to.

“In the interim, the Synod leadership encourages all its faithfuls to continue being on the knees for the Peace and Tranquility of our nation,” says the Synod’s communique signed by its deputy General Secretary Brian Kamwendo.

A report from the Constitutional Court judges, Justices Mike Tembo, Ivy Kamanga, Redson Kapindu, Healy Potani and Dingiswayo Madise, announced on Tuesday, January 28, that they will deliver their ruling they have been deliberating on since closure of hearing in December.

The court case petitioners

The report says in the interest of public order and security, the public is being advised that during the delivery of the judgement, access to court premises will be restricted to only those individuals who will be in possession of Access Cards which state security personnel will strictly enforce.

“The presence of the general public itching 150 meters from the perimeter fence of the court premises, will not be allowed.

“As was the case with the hearing of the matter, accredited public media I’ll be allowed to broadcast live the pronouncement of the judgement.

Bushiri calls for peace

“It is through those broadcastings that persons not obliged to enter the court premises on that day may follow the proceedings,” says the statement.

The Registrar of the Supreme Court of Appeal and the High Court of Malawi, Agnes Patemba, says the ruling shall be delivered at 9am.

Meanwhile, South Africa-based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church, has once again appealed for peace and calm to Malawians as the nation awaits the verdict on the elections case. 

A statement from his spokesperson, Ephraim Nyondo says Bushiri has since appealed to the world to pray for the spirit of peace to reign in Malawi.  

Ephraim Nyondo, Bushiri’s spokesperson

“The ECG leader was the first to go public in October 2019 to raise an alarm on the need for leaders from religious, political and non-governmental groupings to start preparing Malawians to accept elections court outcome. 

“His message was well received, acknowledged and acted upon by leaders from various strands of Malawi.”

Nyondo says underlining the importance of his message, Bushiri took to the pulpit during a Sunday Service in Pretoria to reiterate the call for peace and calm. 

He quotes Bushiri as saying: “With few days to the ruling, I am calling on the entire nation, everybody listening to this message right now, to take a moment and pray for the nation of Malawi. 

“There is a ruling that will define the political route of Malawi and, already, stakes are high. Let us all pray for peace and calm in Malawi.”

Nyondo further says ECG leader has, again, asked political leaders — both from government and the opposition — to scale up messages of preparing their respective followers to accept the verdict of the court. 

He said that whatever direction the ruling may take, even those that will make an appeal, should do so without stirring emotions of the nation.