CAMA requests President Chakwera to reshuffle and trim him Cabinet

President Lazarus Chakwera

* Current Cabinet Ministers seem clueless and ignorant about their roles

* Some Ministers have simply turned their offices as vending places for their own businesses

* Our call as consumers is to ensure that the team that he appoints Ministers that are capable

* those willing to implement people’s shared vision of improving the livelihoods of Malawians

By Duncan Mlanjira

Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) has issued a statement that it has noted there is lack of good leadership in most of the government Ministries that has contributed to the poor service delivery.


Thus CAMA calls on Chakwera to reshuffle and trim his Cabinet to maintain capable people to implement the country’s shared vision of improving the livelihoods of Malawians.

In the statement signed by Executive Director, John Kapito, says the “current Cabinet Ministers seem clueless and ignorant about their roles where some Ministers have simply turned their offices as vending places for their own businesses”.

“Most of the Ministers are shamelessly incompetent and not worthy serving this struggling Government, whose economy is upside down” and that the “consumers are continuously getting deteriorating poor service delivery in all sectors”.

CAMA Executive Director, John Kapito

“The President in his wisdom must and quickly review and assess the quality of his Cabinet,” says Kapito. “The more he maintains this poor caliber of Ministers the more he will fail to deliver on his vision and aspirations.”

He said after noticing the poor delivery of public services by a number of Ministries, CAMA decided to engage those Ministries with the hope to share the observations and proposed recommendations that would bring change to the continued poor service delivery.

Kapito also revealed that the only response CAMA received from government was being granted the request for an audience with President Chakwera in which they discussed the various observations that CAMA believes can improve the delivery of public services to consumers.

“Unfortunately, until today, no response has been received from the various Ministries that are key in the delivery of public services,” he said.

“It is shocking and disappointing that such crucial Ministries would find it not necessary to be engaged by the public when the leadership of the same Government are preaching everyday about mindset change and having an open door policy.

“The President, as Head of State, has the prerogative to appoint, maintain or reshuffle his cabinet as and when he wishes. However, our call as consumers is to ensure that the team that he appoints is the team that is capable to implement our shared vision of improving the livelihoods of Malawians.

“The current mediocre team of Ministers has completely failed to assist the State President in achieving this vision. The State President needs capable matured sober minded Ministers that can help him bring sanity and confidence to his Administration.

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“While the State President has good intentions and well articulated vision and set goals he will be unable to achieve any of these with this crop of ineffective Ministers — unfortunately, the fingers are already pointing at the State President for the failures that we have began witnessing.”

Kapito reminds Chakwera that the President has so many times said that the public must engage his Administration as a way of sharing challenges, experiences and that collectively the public must come up with strategies on how they can solve them.

“Regrettably, this is the message most of his Ministers and their Ministries are unwilling and unable to implement. The current crop of Ministers is, unfortunately, sleeping on duty and you only see or hear about them working when they have gone to attend a funeral or they are involved in some corrupt practices.

“The State President has articulated his vision adequately and every Malawian was eager and interested to support him to achieve that vision.

“Unfortunately, that vision is slowly becoming a nightmare and impossible to be implemented by a weak and politically compromised ineffective group of Ministers — whose agenda is contrary to that of the State President and it will not be too long that the President will realize he has been let down by his own appointed team of failed Ministers,” says the statement.