Bangwe charity BAHASI calls out for assistance to curb cholera as many pit latrines are destroyed by Cyclone Freddy

Cholera situation report

* Situation may lead to an increase in cholera cases again

* Since Bangwe is one of the locations that has been badly affected by the ongoing epidemic

By Duncan Mlanjira

While being fortunate that the devastating effects of Cyclone Freddy has not claimed deaths or major injuries as of yet in Bangwe, the terrible storm still has caused a lot of damage in the township as many victims have lost their homes — with so many toilets that have been destroyed.


Thus the area’s charitable organisation, Bangwe HIV/Aids Self-Help Initiative (BAHASI) may lead to an increase in cholera cases again since Bangwe is one of the locations that has been badly affected by the ongoing epidemic.

“Right now there are so many toilets that have been destroyed in the community,” says BAHASI’s board chairperson Reena Purshotam in a statement. “We are afraid that this may lead to an increase in cholera cases again, so we are also asking those who can donate chlorine in order to prevent cholera to please do so.

As BAHASI, we are appealing for special assistance to those who would like to support us by providing financial or material donations to assist those who are affected by Cyclone Freddy by donating blankets, plastic sheets and domestic materials.”

She provided bank details as follows:


National Bank of Malawi

Customs Road Service Centre

Account Name: Bangwe HIV/AIDS Self Help Initiative

Account number: 1291971

For those needing more details are being asked to contact BAHASI through Purshotam on +265888567151; volunteers Katie +447470186836 and  Phoebe +447964081346.


“Thank you in advance to those who can assist us at this time. May God bless all who put their hands up to help at this moment.”

BAHASI, based in peri-urban high density populated Bangwe Township in Limbe, strives to improve the welfare of vulnerable groups affected and infected by HIV/Aids as well as operating an under-5 pre-school.

The NGO also encourages youth participation in social activities and prevention of environmental degradation and it is based on full community since members consist of volunteers from the community and is open to all.

Although members are encouraged to make monthly contributions which they are rarely able to do so due to their personal financial difficulties but make it up by enthusiastically participating in various fundraising activities.

Reena Purshotam, board chairperson

Board Trustees and members contribute more than the monthly membership fee and they have done several fundraising activities such as Big Walks within Blantyre City and more recently a Blantyre to Lilongwe fundraising cycling challenge.

Every year, the charity receives volunteers from overseas — usually from Sweden, Scotland or the UK — who are normally students on their gap year before University, who help out in the pre-school and they also help some of the older children with their homework.

BAHASI was established in 2004 as a community based organization (CBO) that went on to get registered with Blantyre City Assembly and the Blantyre District Social Welfare office in 2007.

In 2016, it was registered and incorporated as a charitable organization under the Trustees Incorporation Act.

In its home based care, it looks looks after chronically ill patients by providing them with food and counseling and also offer counselling to members of the community affected and infected with HIV/Aids.

The members also clean the surroundings of its home based care patients and provide them with water for their personal sanitation.