Airtel Money partners with South African money transfer provider Mukuru

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Airtel Money customers will now be able to receive money from loved ones outside the country using the international money transfer service provider, Mukuru.

In a statement, Airtel Money Director, Polycarp Ndekana said they have taken cognizance that every year thousands of Malawians in diaspora face challenges when sending money to sustain their family and relatives back home and partnering with Mukuru will provide them a convenient, simple and secure way to transfer funds.

Airtel Money Director, Polycarp

“We already provide convenient services to our customers through partnerships with banks, utility providers and merchants,” Ndekana said.

“This timely integration with Mukuru will offer customers additional opportunities to enjoy using Airtel Money, allowing them to do more on the platform with funds received from family and friends based outside the country.”

Mukuru’s Country Manager, Charles Phiri said the integration between Airtel Money and Mukuru will allow them to render support regardless of distance, helping people in the diaspora and their loved ones in Malawi, to stay connected.

Mukuru’s Country Manager, Charles Phiri

“To us, remittance is more than money. It represents the sender’s love, care and hard work,” he said. “It can be a lifeline, an opportunity, or even a celebration to the recipient.

“So, whether the money being sent is for school fees, hospital bills, rent or groceries, we want to make all this possible for our customers through convenient recipient platforms such as Airtel Money.”

The partnership will enable users from Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana to remit funds via Mukuru directly to Airtel Money customers.

Mukuru is an Africa-based FinTech that enables safe, affordable, reliable financial services to underserved communities.

With over 30 million cross-border transactions over the last decade, we are one of Africa’s largest remittances-led FinTechs.

“Our remittance service offers customers the opportunity to send money to their relatives or friends in over 20 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe,” Phiri said.

“Additionally, we offer critical customer services such as Funeral Cover, the Mukuru Money Card and payment solutions for businesses in emerging markets,” adding that customers can learn more of their services through

Established in February 2011, Airtel Money offers the largest mobile commerce service with the widest agent network in the country.

At the end of October 2020, Airtel Money had a customer base of over 2.4 million subscribers; around 32,000 agents; 900 Airtel Money branches, and over 7,000 kiosks, across rural and urban Malawi.

Other international money transfer providers linked with Airtel Money are Ria Money, WorldRemit, Mama Maney, Terra Pay, and UNFCU.

More enquiries can be accessed through Norah Chavula-Chirwa on email: norah.chavula- or mobile: 0999 989 063.

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