4 years in existence: ServiceTouch™ still soldiers on adding great value to business service providers

By Duncan Mlanjira

Entrepreneurship is not that easy to maintain in this country and for one to continue gaining confidence amongst giant corporate companies less than five years in existence, gives testimony that such an entrepreneur is offering the best consultancy business services.

That can comfortably be said of ServiceTouch™ in its four years and four months of purposeful existence of its five-year strategic plan in engaging organisations and individuals so that they realise full potential to effectively add value to the business world.

Mulele, ServiceTouch™ Chief Consulting Officer

Registered in January 2016 in accordance with the provisions of the Business Registration Act, the company’s traditional business model is based on delivery of training, life and business engagements sessions in Malawi and beyond.

The business has hitherto provided customized trainings a mix of 56 upper SMEs, NGO’s, public and corporate organisations within the four years of inception towards leadership in the industry.


Its deliverables to training and business engagements sessions include pre-assessments; research; execution and close-out reports. They use up-to-date information, integrated learning materials and effective methodology. The company ensures that valuable learning has taken place.


ServiceTouch™ Chief Consulting Officer, Emmanuel Mulele says they are thankful to so many organizations for believing in their Brand, which is there within the foreseeable future.

“Our strategy of striving to always provide excellent training services has enabled us to build relationships with our clients. It has ensured our growth and capabilities.

At work

“In all our life and business engagements, we believe in focusing on adult learning strategies and center our attention on the process of engaging within the structure of the learning experience.

“Within the years, we have delivered packages under ‘Training, Life and Business Engagement’ namely Team Building Retreats; Team Leadership Trainings; Customer Service Trainings; Business Etiquette Trainings; Inspirational and Motivational Talks to many organisations.”

Proud product of Kamuzu Academy

After completing his A Levels in 1994 at Kamuzu Academy, he went straight to work with Commercial Bank of Malawi, now called Standard Bank where he worked towards attaining a Certificate in Banking from Institute of Bankers (IOB) in South Africa before getting an Advanced Diploma in Banking and Financial Services from University of South Africa (UNISA).


Then he went on to attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Management College of Southern Africa (RSA).

Prior to ServiceTouch, Mulele — who was voted 2018 Customer Service Personality of The Year through Chartered Institute of Customer Management (CICM), had an envious 21 years of banking and financial services experiences where he managed high net-worth relationships for a number of years.

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He managed high net-worth relationships comprising senior corporate executive managers of various institutions; heads of human capital and resources, governors and directors of the central bank, presidents of political parties, ministers, permanent secretaries (PS’s), government ministerial directors, members of parliament, speaker and clerk of parliament as well as Malawi defence general and senior commanding officers and many more.

Social corporate responsibility, donating COVID
preventative products to prisons

He has managed to build both corporate and personal confidence within the period that is demonstrated by such an enviable track record.

That experience is what he brought on board for ServiceTouch. Mulele said “I owe my success to the previous employer, God, family, workmates and friends — I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I had to offload the value. This is why currently the Brand focuses on areas of my deep passion around service.”

Why did you name it ServiceTouch?

“I found it inspirational. In short, it means that whatever people do must make positive difference to others. Normally and where applicable, “Touch” on ServiceTouch is in red signifying the burning desire for exceptional service delivery.”

Team building during training sessions

On the challenges he met during ServiceTouch infancy, Mulele said he felt great that he was able to quickly turn challenges into opportunities.

“I remember when going office by office — 25 offices within 15 days in January 2016 — some receptionists or personal assistants would ask when I introduced myself ‘Kodi ServiceTouch nchaani? (what the heck is ServiceTouch?’)

A training session in progress

“With that attitude, I went back and reshaped my confidence in communicating the Brand. They would now not even stop me. I would assume they thought was … perhaps this Brand had been in Malawi for a while and that they probably did not know about it.  That was my biggest mountain.”

“I am so proud of the important value that ServiceTouch adds. We are more practical and I see the Brand growing more and more as we have people working under this Brand in the fields of their specialties.”

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“We are also embarking on online trainings which will complement physical ones going forward.”

Behind every successful man, there is a woman, isn’t it?: “I have a very supportive wife, Mercy. People say behind a man’s success there is a woman, I would say ‘supportive woman’.”

“Our kids, Patience-Fatsani, Emily-Carol, Michael-Noel and their cousin, Linda-Hlupe are a pleasure to be with.

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Favourite holiday destination?: “Home is my first after hard work within the day. Otherwise, we cherish all places we have been  throughout the country.”

For the youth out there, Mulele says “working hard, being creative and loving what you currently do. Most particularly, fear your God.”

ServiceTouch™ is situated in Dossani House, 17 Glyn Jones Road

Email Address: servicetouch.em@gmail.com