YONECO Rolls Out Self-Injection Family Planning Method

Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) is rolling out self-injection family planning method in Mangochi in partnership with Ministry of Health and Population Services.

Briefing District Executive Committee (DEC) on Friday, YONECO Project Officer, Eunice Banda, said the project would roll out this October 2018 to run up to May 2019 in six traditional authorities and 29 Health Centres in the district.

She said Mangochi had been selected for the project owing to the district’s high rate of teenage pregnancies which has surpassed national rate.

“We will mobilize women through community awareness campaigns, radio programmes on YONECO FM and community radios in the district and we will also conduct road shows,” Banda explained.

Senior Reproductive Health Officer in the Ministry of Health, Jesse Chirwa said the method known as Sayama press, would be accessible and affordable to both married and unmarried women.

She said the self-injection method would reduce costs and visits to the clinic and that it would be administered every three months.

“The clients requesting the self-injection method will first be inducted on how to administer it and upon the nurse’s satisfaction the clients would be allowed to access the method to administer on their own at home,” Chirwa explained.

District Social Welfare Officer (DSWO) for Mangochi, MacLeod Mphande appealed to the coordinator of the project to ensure that they involve the community at all levels when implementing the method.

The Project is funded by FHI 360 to the tune of K 131 million.

According to YONECO Project Coordinator, government would take over the project upon its expiry in May 2019.