UTM,MCP Modern Thomas Didymus

It is no longer a secret that Mighty Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) will win with a landslide victory in the forth coming 2019 Tripartite Elections, take it or leave it but mark my words.

For starters, in a space of three years (2016-2019) research and survey specialists have predicted victories for Mighty DPP and law professor President Mutharika but still we have some few Thomas Didymus.

The trending survey which has confused and surprised Mighty DPP’s opponents by the famous Institute Of Public Opinion and Research (IPOR) is the 6th survey meaning 6th Victory for Mutharika.

The fresh study conducted in the months of August and September said that if elections were held today, the Mighty DPP will win because it is popular among many people in the country.

For those with babyish memory, let me remind you that a London-based research think tank  ‘Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU’ predicated Mutharika Victory for five good time, yes you got me right ‘Five Times’

JUNE 2018

EIU says President Peter Mutharika will win the 2019 elections.

EIU cites:
— APM’s delivery on his robust development programme
–Continued growth in the economy
–Divisions in the opposition MCP
as the main reasons why Mutharika will win again.
– Joyce Banda does not present a serious electoral challenge


EIU predicts that President Peter Mutharika will win the 2019 election with landslide.

EIU cites:
–APM’s delivery on his robust development programme
–Continued growth in the economy
–Divisions in the Opposition

MARCH 2017

EIU predicts that President Peter Mutharika will win the elections due in 2019.

EIU says Mutharika will stay in power:
— Because of robust delivery on his development programmes
— For keeping the country stable
— For restoring confidence in the economy battered by the Joyce Banda administration
— Because his rivals are too divided to mount an effective challenge.
—  Because opposition do not offer any robust agenda for development as compared to DPP

MARCH 2016

EIU says Mutharika will win:
–Because he offers sound strategy for national development.
–Because “Despite vocal attacks on the government of President Mutharika”, APM’s closest challenger Lazarus Chakwera “struggles to offer any viable policy alternative.

JULY 2016

EIU says Mutharika will win because:
–Chakwera has tampered with his party’s policy making body, the National Executive Committee, resulting in deep divisions in the party
–Chakwera does not offer viable policy alternative for the development of the country

In an interview with local radio, Political Analyst Ernest Thindwa said survey truly reflects what is on the ground.

“The coming in UTM means that it has eaten into the potential voters of MCP. So DPP faithful are likely to remain loyal to the party,” he observed.

UTM Confused

Concurring with Thindwa another analyst Henry Chingaipe said that the findings of the survey are not strange and are within the realistic expectation of the poll result.

Malawi is expected to hold Tripartite General Elections in May in the year of our Lord 2019, as of now I’ts a game of let’s wait and see…..