Traditional leaders should not be penalized for attending political rallies — TA Maganga

Christina Matoga, MEC Stringer

Traditional Authority Maganga of Salima District has pleaded that local leaders should not be threatened or punished for patronizing political party rallies, saying they are also part of the electorate hence the need for them also to hear manifestos from different political party for them to make informed decision.

The local leader said since they are also part of the electorate on 21 May, they also need to sample a variety of manifestos so they can choose their leaders wisely.

Voting sensitization

He said this on Monday at his Headquarters’ during sensitization meetings on campaign period in preparation to the 21 May tripartite election organized by Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) in conjunction with the Anti-Corruption Beaural (ACB).

“Local leaders are the electorate too and they also need to have access to political party manifestoes and they can be able to do that by patronizing rallies because it is only through these rallies where most of the parties sell their manifestos,” he said.

The T/A then pleaded to all political parties to see the local leader as an electorate too by not victimizing or blaming them for attending rallies during this campaign period.

According to a letter from MEC read to the electorate by Thoko Chiomba, it emphasizes that everyone has the right to patronize all political party rallies for them to make informed decisions when choosing leaders during the polls.

The Commission through the letter encourages all Malawians to

participate in the voting on 21 May, pointing out that it is their right, choice and responsibility to be part of the exercise.

Through the letter, the Commission also discourages the use of youth in

perpetrating violence during the campaign period saying this is against the electoral laws.