Title ‘Home Coming’ for show with The Blacks has deeper meaning for Tamanya-Waka


By Duncan Mlanjira

Songstress Tamanya-Waka was born in Lilongwe, raised in Zimbabwe and came back to Malawi and being a Reggae fan she enhanced her music career with the Chileka-based Black Missionaries since 2011 without knowing that her true fraternal roots are from Chileka itself.

She disclosed this in an interview when asked if the title for the show, ‘Home Coming’, means she has come back for good after her foreign sourjourn.

“It is reflecting on how excited we are after finding my roots to be from Chileka where my [late] father comes from whom I discovered about fours years ago,” she said. 

“Reggae came naturally to me since I was a small child. I have been working with The Blacks for years, since 2011, without knowing that I am from there, until 4 years ago. It’s a story worth celebrating for us in Chileka.”

Proudly Chilekan

She said after doing her early academic studies at Mabvuku School in Zimbabwe, Mphungu LEA in Lilongwe, Lura F.P. School in Rumphi and her secondary school at Our Lady of Wisdom in Blantyre, she proceeded to do Her Business Administration before doing Music Production studies.

“Music came naturally to me since I was a small child. I always loved singing and dancing. By age 6, I joined a main choir at our church where I was the youngest, but because I could sing accurately and perfectly,  I was in.

“By age 8, I was elected as the choir mistress — directing the choir which attraced attention of many being so young. I remember getting tips while singing, because of my voice and skill and courage.

“I realized my instant love for Reggae at the same age of 8, as I heard it in our house almost all the time through my late uncle and my cousins, who were constantly playing Reggae. I just clicked with it.”

Other countries she has been to are Zambia, Tunisia (for 6 years), the UK, Canada, Austria, France, USA, South Africa and currently she is based in Côte d’Ivoire.

“Apart from Music, I also do part time work and also study to advance my qualifications and music,” she said. “The Home Coming is not necessarily for good, but will be in Malawi most of the time. I am not yet in but will be arriving any moment.

“My fans know me since 2006 when I first released my first album *Diso la Yehova*. This was not in Reggae but one I released later, *Ndadza ndi Nyimbo*.

“After I confirmed my love and natural passion for Reggae, I couldn’t run away from my strong passion for it. I connected with Ma Blacks in 2009 and we have worked together since then .I had my first concerts in 2011 at College of Medicine and Kalikuti Hotel and again in 2013 at Lilongwe Golf Club.

“Throughout, I have always been with The Blacks till now. Have been performing with them each time I am in Malawi. We later found out in 2014 that I’m actually from Chileka myself after tracing my father, whom I grew up without knowing. Which also made sense why I’ve always had reggae in my blood.

“I am proud that my fans have always been by my side though I’ve been away most times but we connected through social media and a few performanceas I have had in Malawi plus my music which I’ve been releasing.

“Though new productions have been coming out, time has come  to give back to the fans my performances with my brothers, The Blacks and Anthony Makondetsa. There will be a number of shows around the country but the shows coming up first are on March 1 at Motel Paradise in Blantyre and at M1 Centre Point in Lilongwe on March 3.”

Tamanyawaka has three albums *Diso La Yehova*; *Ndadza ndi Nyimbo* and *Reggae In Riddims* plus three single that include *Kaya* and *Kuwala* (a House of Riddim production). 

“I’ve been under a record label House of Riddim in Austria since 2014. *Kuwala* is a House of Riddim Worldwide Project. It’s a Riddim which involves top international reggae artists worldwide singing in their native languages.

“And it currently has over 40 artists, including Jamaicans Anthony B, Perfect Giddiman, Teecha Dee, Chuck Fenda and I am representing Malawi on it and a new album is coming out soon titled *Reggalized*”