Road to 2019: Women Still Feel Sidelined In Politics

On May 21, 2019, Malawi goes to its  second tripartite elections and the sixth elections in multiparty dispensation. However one of the biggest challenges that the country has suffered in the 25 years of democracy is low participation of women in elected political positions. What do next year’s elections mean to the 50-50 agenda of women participation in politics? “When we were fighting for multiparty politics, we were also looking for a country that would have inclusive politics where…

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Media Key to 50-50 Campaign

The 50-50 Campaign Management Agency says it intends to engage the media more effectively in a bid to spearhead the promotion of women involvement in politics. 50-50 Campaign Management Agency Communications expert, Wisdom Chimgwede said this on Wednesday in Blantyre on the sidelines of an information sharing meeting the agency organised with Civil Society Organisations that applied for grants under the programme. “As a campaign agency, we recognise that projects in Malawi have tended to bring the media at…

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