A Phrase for Chiwamba’s Mathanyula Takana and Zikomo Kwambiri: a Man of the People
Robert Chiwamba: His poetry has become a voice for the voiceless masses.

I imagine the voice. I feel the pain. Insanity. The path Robert Chiwamba’s Takana Mathanyula and Zikomo kwambiri will tread has been travelled before by humanity. Art. Culture. Religion. Science. The message is clear. No to homosexuality. I imagine the lyrics. A distance from the hyperbole that resonates along with Mudzafa imfa yowawa. Or, somewhere closer to the message he spits at the neo-colonizer in The Warm Heart of Mdulidwe. “Siapa mwabwera ndi chithumba chandalama za okwatirana amuna okhaokha…

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