Skeffa Chimoto’s Copycat Frank Kaunda to Launch ‘Nanfuko’ Album

After failing to launch ‘Nanfuko’ CD album during the period of Ramadan, Frank Kaunda says all is now set for the launch which is scheduled to take place on 20st July, 2018 at Zithere Pano in Mangochi.

The launch of the album failed to take place on 1st June since most people in Mangochi where it was to take place were in the period of fasting during Ramadan that is why the artist decided to postpone it to 20st July.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana), Kaunda said he has finalized all the preparations for the launch of his long awaited ‘Nanfuko’ CD to take place next week.

“I have completed all the arrangements for the launch, all my fans should wait patiently and come in large numbers to see me performing live and also to enjoy the weekend as well,” Kaunda said.

According to Kaunda, the CD has 12 songs and the title track is Nanfuko which has been mixed with some songs from his previous album that he failed to release due to lack of funds.

“I had my first album called ‘Yesu ali mwa ine’ which had eight songs and this time around I have composed four songs, making 12 songs. I have combined them to make a single album since the earlier album did not reach the market,” he said.

The songs are comprised of love, custom and gospel messages. The artist said he is motivated with the way Skeffa Chimoto composes his songs which inspire him, that is why he takes him as his role model, hence the similarity of his songs to Skeffa’s.

Some of the songs in the album include Nanfuko, Mphini yobwereza, chikondi mmasewera chabe and sipuni among others.

Manageress for Zithere Pano, Victoria Kingston confirmed about hosting the event, saying all the security measures are in place so that everything should be smooth during the launch.

“The place is very conducive for hosting this event, we have hired additional security personnel just to tighten security so that people should not worry about their security,” Kingstone said.

Nanfuko’s production has been sponsored by a well-wisher, Amon Banda, and has been shaped by producers like Gaffar, Limbani Chibwana and Yuze Uganda just to mention some.