Seba Recalls Infected Soya Pieces From the Market

By Blessings Kaunda, MANA

Seba Foods Malawi Limited says it has deployed teams on the market to remove contaminated Golden Goodness Tasty Soya Pieces with batch labels 061818A and 061218A.

The development follows a press release by Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC) last Friday, which accused the company for not taking steps in recalling the product from the market despite admitting that it was defective.

“Despite the admission, Seba Foods Malawi Ltd has not taken steps to voluntarily recall the defective products and alert consumers about the harmful effects of the defective products,” the press release reads in part.

It further states that besides being a threat to consumers, the conduct by Seba Malawi Ltd. is an infringement of the Competition and Fair Trading Act (CFTA) and Consumer Protection Act (CPA).

In an interview Monday, CFTC economist, Dalitso Chimota said the press release was issued after customers complained that there was rotten soya pieces product on the market.

She said contravening CPA attracts a penalty of K500, 000 or an equivalent of the financial gains generated from the offence, and five years imprisonment.

However, when asked in an interview as to why Seba Foods Malawi Ltd chose not to communicate to the public in the first place about the contaminated product, the company’s General Manager, James Parkin said communication was made.

“We have communicated widely through a press release and we will continue to inspect the product and replace the substandard product.

“We are also conducting an extensive root cause analysis to identify all causes of this quality issue and take all necessary steps to prevent a recurrence of this issue,” said Parkin in his response to a questionnaire.

He said the company was committed to replace the infected products from its customers with quality ones. He added that this was the first time for the company to have contaminated products on the market.