Salima Urged to Embrace Gender Budgeting

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) has called upon heads of government departments and heads of Civil Society in Salima to embrace gender budgeting when making development plans in order to serve the needs of all groups of people.

The call was made by CCJP Programs Manager, Patrick Chima on the sidelines of a training workshop for the District Executive Committee on Gender budgeting.

“We have noted a gap which exists in the way Councils do their budgets, so we want to encourage them to move away from making budgets that do not consider the needs of different groups, we want them to start budgeting with consideration of each and every group,” said Chima.

He said that gender budgeting should not be viewed as the numbers but rather the needs of different groups of people.

In another interview, Gender Officer for Salima, Kondwani Mhone said the training is relevant as sector heads have been drilled with skills in gender budgeting.

‘We are very happy that now decision makers have the understanding of what gender budgeting is and I trust that they will start making their budgets gender sensitive,” said Mhone.

Mhone said that budgets that do not try to satisfy needs of all groups of people have led to situations where other groups have not benefitted from the resource envelops.

He said as a Council they have put in place mechanisms to monitor all departments if they are adhering to gender budgeting.