Presidential ‘Spiritual Adviser’ Apostle Khoviwa Says Politics Killing the Church

Presidential Advisor on Religious Affairs, Apostle Timothy Khoviwa, on Friday advised religious leaders in Chiradzulu District to avoid being influenced by politicians, saying politics found religion already existing and will remain forever.

Khoviwa made the remarks at the boma where Chiradzulu Pastors organized prayers for 2019 tripartite elections and good rains for 2018/19 growing season.

Khoviwa said religious leaders have a prophetic role to change things positively.

“I feel sorry when politicians are invited to attend prayers and they come late. Sometimes they insist to disturb the programme by wanting to be given a chance to speak. They do so by saying they are rushing to another event where they have been invited too,” he said.

Khoviwa added that the tendency shows that politicians undermine religious leaders.

He, therefore, advised the religious leaders not to tolerate that and said if politicians feel they have no time to attend prayers, they should not dare attend to avoid disturbances.

He said the church has a huge role in shaping the direction of the country.

“Those who misbehave in government or politics belong to different religious groups and it is our role to call and tell them that they are not doing well, failing which we are also failures,” he said.

He said rebellion starts in church where many have rebelled and introduced their own churches and branches that is why politicians also rebel.

Chiradzulu District Commissioner, Malango Botonani, commended the pastors fraternal for organizing prayers, saying as a district, people should rely on God for the 2019 Tripartite Elections to go smoothly.

“May I urge religious leaders to continue with such prayers for people to choose the right leaders,” she said.

Pastors Fraternal Secretary, Rev Albert Moyo, urged his fellows not to show their side in politics for them to be in a better position to advise or condemn politicians.