Police Recording More Domestic Abuse Against Men

By Sellaphine Banda-MANA

Police in Lilongwe district say they are impressed with the rise in  the   number of men reporting abuses against them by their spouses.

Speaking in an interview with the Malawi News Agency (Mana) Lilongwe   Police public relations officer, Kingsley Dandaula said most men feel shy to report on such cases to the police.

“Last year from January to December, we reported fewer cases of violence against men because most of them feel shy to report such cases because in our culture people believe that if a woman beats up his husband it shows he is not man enough.

As police we have introduced a  sensitization campaign to educate the nation on the  importance of reporting such cases and now people are coming to report whenever men are  mistreated by their loved ones,’’ said Dandaula.

Dandaula further told Mana that common cases involve mothers abandoning their children and also denying their husbands conjugal rights. He also encouraged people in the district to report these cases to victim support unit.

“Some victims are shy to report so we are working hand in hand with different organizations to help us in sensitizing the communities on the advantages of reporting violence cases to the police,” he said.