Pictorial Focus: MCP ‘Thugs’ Seals Govt Offices

The once Mighty Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporters on Tuesday demonstrated against the May 21st Presidential elections by marching  to Capital Hill, the Seat of Government, going into offices, forcing civil servants to go out of the offices.

MCP youth dancing at the demos -Photo : Govati Nyirenda, MANA

Horrified with the conduct, almost the whole Capitol Hill was vacated within minutes according to some MCP youth and some Capital Hill workers.

MCP Supporters occupy Capital Hill on Monday: Photo Govati Nyirenda, MANA

Because of fear, Civil Servants  used different outlets, not the main entrance which was filled and blocked by MCP supporters. At one point, the Youth League were seen controlling traffic along the road from City Centre to Area 10,12.

Unpleasnt with Presidential election results, MCP supporters demonstrates at Capital Hill in Lilongwe on Monday-Photo Govati Nyirenda, MANA

Meanwhile, Civil Servants Trade Union Secretary General Madalitso Njolomole  has strongly condemned MCP’s leadership  for the ‘uncivilized’  act.