Photos: Sex Workers Jailed for Parading Client Naked

Ntcheu First Grade Magistrate Court on Monday convicted and sentenced two sex workers to four years imprisonment with hard labour (IHL) each, for stripping naked and parading a male client around, for failing to settle a sex bill.

The sex workers are Patricia Chapotera 21 and Ruth Wizman, both from Nsiyaludzu Village in Traditional Authority Makwangwala in the district.

State prosecutor Inspector Evans Kamtukule, told a jam-packed court that on February 7, 2018, a 26 year old man (name withheld) went to drink beer at Friends Corner along the M1 road at Ntcheu Boma.

While at the drinking joint, the victim is said to have fallen in love with one of the sex workers and agreed to spend a night together.

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“Everything went on well till early in the morning when the victim failed to pay the girl for the services rendered to him and a quarrel erupted between the two,” said Kamtukule.

He further explained that while the two were quarrelling, another sex worker joined, claiming that she was also yet to get her payment from the same man for the services she provided some time back.

“The two sex workers joined forces and resorted to stripping the man naked and parading him as punishment. They told him that unless they are paid in full, he would not get back his clothes,” Kamtukule told the court.

It was further reported that more sex workers joined the parade in support of their friends chanting Kabwerebwere uyu (it’s his habit), as the man was being paraded naked around Mphate Trading Centre.

The victim is said to have been rescued by well-wishers who took the matter to Ntcheu Police to arrest the culprits.

The two, according to Ntcheu police publicist, Hastings Chigalu, were charged with Indecent Assault which contravenes Section 137 of the Penal Code.
The girls pleaded guilty to the charge according to police and asked for leniency from the magistrate.

However, the state asked the court to give the two girls stiffer punishment, saying the victim’s right to privacy was violated.

“They could have chosen other better means of recovering the payments than the one used,” Kamtukule told the court.

In his ruling, Ntcheu First Grade Magistrate, Crispin Sachuluka, concurred with the state, saying if it was a woman in the victim’s shoes, the whole human rights fraternity and gender activists would have descended on the man.

“But just because it was a man being paraded, it is being taken as normal which is not fair,” said Sachuluka.

He then slapped the two to 48 months IHL as a deterrent to other would-be offenders.-MANA