Mzuzu Stadium Under Rehabilitation

Mzuzu City Council (MCC) has from January to March closed Mzuzu Stadium for the council to renovate sanitary facilities and the football pitch among areas in the stadium.

According to supervisor for Mzuzu Stadium, Paul Machilika, MCC decided to embark on renovation works of the stadium following its damaged state through vandalism of some facilities both in and outside the facility.

“Wherever a huge number of people gathers at one place for something, chances of some facilities getting vandalized are always high and this is the same scenario with Mzuzu Stadium.”

He said the renovation works started in January with sanitation facilities such as toilets and grass planting on the pitch currently under way.

However, Machilika could not commit himself to disclose the amount of money to be spent on the works, saying it would only be known once the project is completed.

Machilika then advised people who patronize the stadium to take care of the facility so that the city council does not spend much on renovation works.

“Some of the people who vandalize the facility are from communities around the stadium and I appeal to them to refrain from such malpractices,” Machilika added.

The rehabilitation of Mzuzu Stadium started in January and will be completed in March this year, 2019.-MANA