Mvula to advocate for better conditions of service for school teachers

Aspiring candidate, Mvula

By Duncan Mlanjira

Renowned political commentor, Humphrey Chimphando Mvula, who is aspirant independent Member of Parliament candidate for Blantyre Malabada Constituency in Ndirande during the May 21 tripartite elections, says once voted into the august House he shall advocate for better conditions of service for all school teachers. 

This is highlighted in his manifesto which he is distributing door to door in the constituency which says the better conditions of service will include decent salaries and housing allowance and the regular upgrading of all teachers through distance learning.

“I will advocate for government to guarantee mortgages or loans to enable teachers and also for policemen to buy or build houses in areas of their choice.

Incumbent Sangala

“I will advocate for the introduction of Bursary schemes for all pupils who qualify for enrolment to public institutions of higher learning. For the 2019/2020 academic year, I will give bursaries to any student learning in Malabada Constituency who will have scored below 13 points (for boys) and 16 points (for girls) at MSCE examination from any of the secondary schools in the constituency. I will prioritize those that cannot afford university education,” he said.

He also pledges to facilitate the introduction of early childhood education by ensuring that new centres are introduced with three sites in Makata Ward, three sites in Gamulani and two in Nyambadwe.

“I will work with the Blantyre City Council and local residents in these wards to introduce these early childhood learning centres and to promote education for all school going youths by removing unnecessary bottlenecks.

“I will work with donors, the private sector, individuals and international NGOs to provide adequate learning and teaching materials and to encourage education for the girl-child even when and where they have missed some years due to early marriages or teenage pregnancies.”

He also said there is need to provide good sanitation for the schools through provision of adequate potable water points by having water tanks and improved toilet facilities at Makata, Chitsime and Nyambadwe primary schools.

He also said he will introduce initiatives that will prevent learners from paying excessive fees towards school fund and as a short-term measure, he will bear some of these costs in 2020 financial year.

He said as a long-term measure, all the five primary schools will be provided with a heavy duty photocopier to be based at Blantyre Girls Primary School which will be used to reproduce literature as well as sourcing a computer for each primary and secondary schools in the constituency.

He says to arrest the problem being faced by learners in which they travel long distances to access their education, he shall lobby government for a new primary school and a secondary school at Mbayani-Ndalama in Nyambadwe.

And Mvula says all this shall be effected by involving every key stakeholder through members elected to comprise a general assembly, which will be supported by an executive committee and several sectoral committees.

“I believe that the involvement of all key stakeholders will foster collective participation and enhance transparency. I will the role of a representative, the people’s messenger in every sense of the word and a catalyst for development,” Mvula says.