Mlare health centre wears a new face

By Jordan Simeon-Phiri, MEC Stringer

After its closure for about a month due to infestation of bats’ urine and excreta, traditional leaders came to its rescue by offering a building nearby to temporarily shelter Mlare Health Centre.

Now the health facility has now worn a new  face, courtesy of Karonga Central aspirant Parliamentarian Frank Mwenifumbo, who is also the UDF presidential running mate.

Mlare health centre management committee (HCMC) chairperson Vyanangika Mkwala said the situation has eased the pressure that was there amongst the community as health service delivery will be back to normalcy soon.

Mkwala hailed the shadow Parliamentarian for the donation of the iron sheets that have enabled the health workers to return to the facility that they deserted few months ago due to bad stench emanating from bats’ urine.

Mkwala said community members contributed about K315,000 for cement while Mwenifumbo donated K1.4 million that he used to buy iron sheets for a new roof for the facility when he learnt about the closure of the health centre that caters for a population of about 18,500 from the 10 villages.

“We are extremely happy with this development,” Mkwala said. “The closure of this facility in December last year has had a very huge negative impact to the community members more especially women who had to endure long distances to access health service elsewhere.

“But this is a relief as the service will be back to normal shortly as we are doing some final touches here and there.”

However, the HCMC chair has asked for more assistance that would go towards rehabilitation of hospital staff houses that are also in bad shape, saying there is more work to be done that needs well wishers’ helping hands.

“We need more help as the facility does not have electricity and running water. Houses for the facility’s members of staff are also in dilapidated condition. Therefore, I appeal to all well wishers to come in with any little contribution,” Mkwala said.

When the health centre was closed in December, traditional leaders offered Mlare Craft house as a temporary shelter.