MCP unveils five-point plan that promises condusive policies

Gwengwe displaying the HI-5 sign

By John Saukira 

Malawi’s main opposition Malawi Congress Party’s torch bearer and incumbent Paliarmentarian for Lilongwe Msinja North constituency, Sosten Gwengwe has assured people in the country that the party president Lazarus Chakwera unveiled has new policies aimed at making Malawi a better place to live in.

Gwengwe and other MPs and senior party members were speaking in Lilongwe  during a political rally aimed at briefing the constituency on five-point plan, christened as Hi-5.

Gwengwe said time for Malawians to continue wallowing in poverty will be over once Chakwera and the MCP are voted into government come May 2019.

Gwengwe (centre) arriving at the rally with Msungama

Chakwera, who has set his hopes on becoming the country’s next president, has been saying and vowing to make radical changes and create Malawi a “land of opportunity for all” and “not for just a privileged few”.

Gwengwe, who was the guest of honour at the rally, said the Hi-5 is premised on; servant  leadership, prospering together, ending corruption, rule of law and national unity.

He gave the example of a  policy which bars its citizens from drilling boreholes within the city  and yet many peple are still faill failing to access water since the taps remains dry.

“It does not make any sence at all. MCP will change these policies” he said.

Part of the crowd at the rally

Gwengwe gave another example of bad policy government not supporting cities with Malawi rural electrification programme.

He argued that it does not make sense that the good programme like Marep should not benefit cities and yet cities and rural areas face similar challenges.

He said time for politicking is over but to ensure people have their basic needs in their homes such as food, water and access to quality primary health care.

On corruption, Gwengwe said MCP will crackdown on corruption with no selective prosecution as it is the case now.

Gwengwe said Malawi  was  heading towards destruction but the five-point plan would help forge a fairer society and steer Malawi towards a path first envisaged by the nation’s founding father, Ngwazi Dr  Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

Gwengwe who is deputy director of economic affairs, said MCP will  implement a reorganised distribution system of the agricultural input subsidy programme using a universal approach.

Speaking earlier MP Ulemu Msungama said he is geared to bring more developments after successfully fulfilling some of his promises he did in his tenure of Office and said soon after winning as MP he would build a hospital in Area 44.

“I am happy to announce that my campaign promise has been fullfilled since the hospital is nearing its completion stage,” Msungama said.

He said he was happy that his dreams of having tarmac road from Area 23 Malichero to Kamuzu Institute for Sports has been fulfilled since the contractor TAAI is already on the site.