MCP, PP Electoral Alliance Useless

By Enock Naphazi, MEC Stringer

Peoples Party vice secretary for the south Leornard Mphidza who last year made name after competing with JB at the party’s convention on Monday announced his resignation from the post saying he cannot be associated with MCP which PP has endorsed.

Speaking on Monday in an interview with Neno based MEC Stringer Mphidza said he has resigned from the post with effect from Monday 18 March.

Mphidza said MCP and PP marriage was made without consultation from party’s National Executive Committee where he is a member.

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“As a member of NEC I can tell you that our NEC never met to discuss this issue unless if there is inner circle of hand clappers who were invited to endorse this idea.

So definitely I am not part of that alliance since I was not consulted and I have already informed the party’s Secretary General that they should count me out of that alliance,” said Mphidza.

Mphidza said last time the NEC met out of the three parties which were on the list to partner with that’s, DPP, MCP and UTM the majority opted for UTM seconded by DPP and MCP only got 4 votes from 68 NEC members.

According to Mphidza PP has got nothing to gain from the coalition and is not in the interest of the party because most followers of PP will not be happy to be associated with MCP.

Meanwhile Mphiza said he will soon announce his next move before next week as some sources claim he will be joining DPP in Blantyre.

Mphidza was the only person who challenged Joyce Banda for the position of President during last year convention where he was defeated when he got 23 votes only whereas JB got 1,101.