Malawi NGO Empowers Women Politically

A local non- governmental organisation, Governance, Gender, Justice, and Development (GGJDC), is implementing a women-empowerment project on leadership program in the country to enable them fully participate in the country’s politics and public administration.

Speaking Monday at Simama Hotel where GGJDC officials called for a meeting with traditional and religious leaders to support the initiative, the program’s officer, Grace Makuti said it was now time that women should stand for what was right for them.

The gathering was also aimed at discussing how they could deal with different problems that women face when they want to contest for different political positions in political parties.

“For a long time, women have been sidelined in different positions in political parties. This has to change now because they also have rights just like men.

“GGJDC is encouraging all women to stand on different positions as our goal is collaborating for increased and effective participation by women in politics and public administration,” said Makuti.

Speaking on behalf of traditional and religious leaders present on the day, Senior Chief Masumbankhunda said they had the message and would relay it to the right people in their communities.

“This is what it takes for a country to be recognized as democratic, each and every human being should have equal rights, so this initiative of encouraging women to contest for different positions in different political parties and public administration is welcome.

We will also encourage and counsel our people on the importance of putting women in different positions,” stated Masumbankhunda.

GGJDC is a local non-governmental organisation, established to enhance efforts of human development by promoting gender, equity, good governance and sustainable development goals.

The program is being implemented in four districts of Nkhotakota, Mchinji, Kasungu and Lilongwe. It is also working with five political parties which have representatives in parliament namely UDF, DPP, AFORD, MCP and PP.