Lilongwe Maseko Ngoni Chapter to Hold Isingoni Competition

The Lilongwe Maseko Ngoni chapter will on February 10, 2018 host Isingoni competition at Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe.

The competition will draw together various Ngoni zones in the centre to encourage the youth of the Ngoni tribe to preserve their cultural practices.

Lilongwe Maseko Ngoni chapter chairperson, Andrew Kamlopa said they have organised the competition to encourage Ngoni youth to preserve their cultural practices.

“We are targeting the youth because they are the ones that will preserve our cultural beliefs,” Kamlopa said.

He further said they also want to promote the Ngoni culture among the youth especially those living in town by organizing the competition.

“Our youth need to know their mother tongue language and our traditional cultural values, we do not want Ngoni youth to copy other western cultural practices because we are living in town,” he said.

Kamlopa said they noticed the need to train Ngoni youth living in town on how good they can speak Isizulu.

“We have six zones across Lilongwe and each zone has mentors who are teaching our youngsters on how to speak Isizulu, this platform will give a chance to our youth to know more about their cultural values,” Kamlopa said.

He added that apart from aiming to teach youngsters on how they can speak Isizulu, they are also targeting bringing together Ngonis living in Lilongwe to know each other.

The Inkosi Yamakosi Gomani 5 is expected to be the guest of honor at the function which will also have invited dignities.