Kauma to have first mobile health clinics courtesy of Tay Grin

Tay Grin being welcomed by constituents

By John Saukira 

People of Kauma, a populous place in the area of Traditional Authority Chitukula in Lilongwe, which is the Lilongwe City Centre constituency, will be provided with access to quality and closer health services through the introduction of mobile clinics that has been pledged by shadow Member of Parliament, Limbani Kalilani, popularly know as Tay Grin.

Kalilani disclosed this in an interview in the area soon after he finished addressing a gathering who came to witness his initiative to rehabilitate Kauma Community Centre Ground, where the hip hop music star  intends to be hosting free music shows which he has lined up for the area.

Kalilani said he has passion for the good health of people in his constituency that he is vying to represent in the august House as it is the key to all developments taking place anywhere. 

From musician to politician

Kalilani said it is sad that people of Kauma travel long distances to access health services in Area 18 and Area 25.

“The distance from Kauma to Area 25 is very long and very dangerous for patients, especially to our pregnant women,” he said.

He disclosed that the place for the mobile clinic has already been identified.

Commenting on the maintenance of the community ground, Tay Grin said he decided to do so following a request from the chiefs and youths from the area who want the ground to be in good shape for their sporting activities that will keep the youths busy to avoid indulging in immoral behavior.

He said after doing mobile clinics and the maintenance of the community ground, he intends to start roads projects.

“The roads here in Kauma are in a very bad state and it’s not just here but for the whole constituency,” he said.

Tay Grin was voted as the torch bearer for the DPP during primaries for the area whose incumbent is David Bisnowaty, who has since transferred his registration voting certificate from the constituency to Lilongwe City North.

Bisnowaty told reporters after his transfer that he was not running away from anybody but he has bowed down to wishes and aspirations of the people from the constituency who have been flocking to his house asking him to represent them.

“It’s not that I am running away from anybody, I am just doing this in response to the wishes of the people of the Lilongwe City North constituency,” he said.

He added that he has plans for the city but refused to name what he has prepared for the constituency.

He will face Malawi Congress Party’s Chrissy Tembo, United Transformation Movement’s Newton Kambala and Democratic Progressive Party’ Smolet Kachere.

Privy information to us indicates that Bisnowaty was not happy that the DPP endorsed Tay Grin as Lilongwe City Centre torch bearer.